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Bullseye Comedy with Aisha Tyler & Maria Bamford

05/09/2015 - 19:30
Brooklyn, NY
Venue Name: 
BAM Howard Gilman Opera House

Bullseye Comedy Night
Part of RadioLoveFest and 2015 Winter/Spring Season
Hosted by Jesse Thorn

Bullseye host Jesse Thorn hosts a night of comedy featuring an A-list roster of female comics - Aisha Tyler, Maria Bamford, Aparna Nancherla, and Ali Wong - live on the Brooklyn Academy of Music Howard Gilman Opera House Stage.

Find tickets here!

Sat, May 9, 2015

LOCATION:Peter Jay Sharp Building

BAM Howard Gilman Opera House

Ross and Carrie Get Ripped: Flex Belt Edition


NEW EPISODE! We try out the "Flex Belt," an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) device, also known as a belt that shocks your ab muscles into flexing, thereby making you ripped and swole, or so the theory goes. Will Ross and Carrie be the new American Gladiators? (Probably not.) Listen anyway!

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Wham Bam Pow Ep. 92 - Tank Girl

Wham Bam Pow

This week, we take a look at 1995's Tank Girl, a sci-fi/action comedy with a feminist message. Plus, Rhea shares a movie that made her (to Cameron's chagrin), and we parse our feelings about the Lego movie spinoff.

Next week we'll be watching Furious 7, which is in theaters April 3.

Follow us on Twitter! Cameron is @cameronesposito, Rhea is @rheabutcher and Ricky is @rickycarmona. Discuss the show using the hashtag #WhamBamPow!

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TS179:Chickens, TSA Racial Profiling, Indiana, w/ Guest Nikki Glaser

Throwing Shade

Why does Bryan seek a 4.75 pound chicken? The answer is inside this week's Throwing Shade.Plus, did you know the TSA has been looking for bombs in sisterlocks and Indiana's religious freedom bill is doing it all wrong, hunty!? All that and we talk to superstar standup Nikki Glaser about all the self-help books she's read. 

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EP. 118 "I was 25" ft. Gaby Dunn

Lady to Lady
Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn (@gabydunn) joins the ladies to discuss James Deen, Las Vegas, Jeff Goldblum, triplets, bisexuality, being gay and more! Produced by David Janove, intern Kailey Godoy, theme song by Zach Ames.

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 204: The Puck Stops Here


Steve brings the case against his best friend Scott. Years ago, Scott introduced Steve to a love of hockey, by inviting him to professional games and teaching him how to play. Steve went on to play in a local rec league, but Scott quit playing entirely. Now Steve wants his friend to get back into the sport and play one last season with him.

Should Scott get back out on the ice, or continue to watch from the stands? Only one man can decide.

This week's episode title suggested by Nick Marritz! Thank you!

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Robot Uprising! with Andrew Secunda

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Andrew Secunda

Hello Buddies! Or shall we say: "Beep boop bop boop beep"? If you were able to understand that, you're clearly an undercover robot! Accuse! Or maybe you are the internet? Yes that's right THE INTERNET become sentient and turned against us all?! Help us decide if Wall-E was a robot uprising movie! Was there crazy amounts of baby-makin' happening in Zion in the Matrix movies? How would one fight the robotic onslaught? How would you even know it's happening?! Also, Travis has never seen Terminator so feel free to hold that against him!

We're joined by special guest Andrew Secunda (writer on The Goldbergs, member of UCB's "The Swarm" and "Soundtrack", and all around cool dude!). You should follow him on Twitter! @secunda

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Intro and outro music thanks to Brentalfloss

Art thanks to Justin Russo

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International Waters: Episode 47 Visible Palpable Hopelessness

Andy and Alice in London
Alice Lowe
Andy Riley
Brandon Barrick
Emily Maya Mills

Emily Maya Mills, Brandon Barrick, Alice Lowe and Andy Riley join host, Dave Holmes for pop culture quizzing and a run down of some of the worst sitcom adaptations to ever try to cross the Atlantic.

Other useful links this week:

Emily Maya Mills wants to plug her album recording at the UCB Theatre on May 21st and recommends Olive Kittereidge.

Brandon Barrick wants to plug The Friday Forty. Brandon recommends and The Americans on FX.

Alice Lowe wants to plug her BBC radio sketch show, Alice’s Wunderland and recommends the Dangerous Minds blog.

Andy Riley wants to plug his episode of The Odditorium podcast and probably should have plugged the new series of Veep. Andy recommends Today I Wrote Nothing: The Selected Writings of Daniil Kharms.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes and hosts his live quiz show, The Friday Forty at LA’s Meltdown Theatre on the second Friday of every month.

Written by Sarah Morgan and Asterios Kokkinos, recorded at MaxFunHQ in LA and GuiltFreePost in London, produced by Jennifer Marmor and Colin Anderson.

You can let us know what you think of International Waters and suggest guests on the MaxFun forum or through our Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter for updates on guests and when we’ve just posted a new episode (hint: it’ll be 1st and 15th of every month).

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Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: George Clinton & Christian Acker

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P-Funk's George Clinton: From Doo Wop to Funk, and Saving His Musical Career

The musician, producer and 73-year-old mastermind of Parliament-Funkadelic, George Clinton, has never been shy of the limelight. He started his career singing doo wop, later found himself writing songs for Motown, and finally wound up creating a wholly unique sound and visual experience with Parliament-Funkadelic. They made hits like One Nation Under A Groove and Flashlight and their performances were as funky as their tunes.

In recent years, Clinton has found himself entangled in a series of legal battles over the copyrights of his songs. While fighting in the courts, George found himself fighting for his health as well. The doctor of the Funk gave himself his own prognosis: if he was going to continue a musical career and regain agency in his business affairs, he had to clean up his act, and he has.

The pioneer of funk joins us this week to talk about the evolution of his musical career, getting wild onstage, and putting forward momentum back into his musical career -- and even gives us an update on Sly Stone.

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic are still touring and recording, and Clinton recently released his memoir, Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard on You?.

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Andrew Noz on All-Time Favorite Tracks: Organized Konfusion and Ice-T

Hip hop critic Andrew Noz digs way back in the catalogs of past Bullseye guests Pharoahe Monch and Ice-T to recommend some of his favorite tracks.

He suggests taking a listen to the amazing technical performances in Organized Konfusion's "Bring It On", and revisiting a poetic early track from Ice-T, "High Rollers".

Andrew Noz is a hip hop journalist. You can find him blogging at Cocaine Blunts or on Tumblr.

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Comedy: Chris Fairbanks Wonders About Owls

The comedian Chris Fairbanks joined us a few years ago at our annual convocation in the woods, MaxFunCon. And he wondered -- what's up with all these owls?

You can find more from Chris on his official site and on his podcast Do You Need a Ride?, which he co-hosts with Karen Kilgariff.

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Why Tagging is Beautiful: Christian Acker and "Flip the Script"

You know those tags you see on walls, park benches and trash cans everywhere? You might not think it's something beautiful, but Christian Acker does. His book Flip the Script is a look at graffiti typography, and celebrates the art of tagging -- one of the last strongholds of highly refined penmanship.

Acker collected writing and spoke to graffiti artists all over the country, to chronicle and analyze hand styles from Oakland to Queens. In a world where people too rarely place ink to paper, we'll look at a typographical expression that reflects your individuality, roots, and even how long you've been practicing.

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The Outshot: Baba O'Riley

There's at least a couple of good parts of teenagerdom. This week, Jesse shares some of them with The Who's Baba O'Riley.

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This episode originally aired March 11, 2014.

RISK! #627: Panic

Chris Gethard, Christian Finnegan, Ophira Eisenberg, and Pat Dixon all share personal tales of anxiety
Chris Gethard,
Christian Finnegan
Ophira Eisenberg
Pat Dixon
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