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Noe Montes on Twitter


The official photographer of MaxFunCon and is Noe Montes.

Noe emailed me a few years ago and said he'd heard I'd moved to LA, and offered to shoot some photos of me. I agreed, and was happy to meet one of my new best friends, and a very gifted artist. Noe's a big man with a quiet manner, and he's a gifted portraitist. He takes pictures of people in LA that make me think that maybe living in LA isn't so bad.

In addition to his web presence, Noe shares pictures on his twitter feed, @NoeMontes. Follow him if you want a regular dose of what's beautiful about people.

JJGo Live with the Dave Hills


We'll start recording this week's Jordan Jesse Go around 12:15 pacific time, and run until around 2PM PT. Our guest is the great Dave Hill, and we'll be getting a visit from the other great Dave Hill.

If you don't like that embed window above, you can use this link to the uStream page.

MaxFunCon Podcast Ep. 14: Julia Crookston


We're so excited to have Chef Julia Crookston as our in-house cooking instructor at MaxFunCon, where she'll be helping us make delicious zucchini pickles. Head over to the MaxFunCon site to get our podcast -- you'll learn a thing or two about Julia and get a mini-lesson in making your own salad dressing.

Janelle Monae f. Big Boi - Tightrope


This is EPIC.

Janelle Monae's EP was solid, but it didn't have anything on it that I liked as much as Letting Go, which was on the Purple Ribbon All-Stars compilation. This song, though, is fantastic. And the video is amazing, too.

Moshe Kasher on Late Night

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Our pal Moshe Kasher made it onto Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and had a great set.

Lemmy, the Directors and the Man: Interviews on The Sound of Young America

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Lemmy Kilmister
Greg Olliver
Wes Orshoski

"Lemmy" Directors Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

Lemmy Kilmister on The Sound of Young America from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

Lemmy Kilmister is the legendary frontman of the band Motorhead. We talk with him, and with Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski, the directors of a documentary called Lemmy which premiered at South by Southwest in Austin.

Joell Ortiz - Project Boy


Now that's rapping. DJ Premier on the beat.

Royce 5'9" on Flow v. Subject Matter


Above: Royce the five nine talks about "flow" vs. "subject matter" in the craft of emceeing. He thinks flow is more important, and I'm inclined to agree.

Flow is the part of hip-hop that I find the most non-fans don't get. They can tell you why the positive message of a Jurassic 5 song is great ("it's like poetry!"), but they don't understand this core principle of emceeing.

Flow is all the parts of what a rapper does that aren't the content of the lyrics. It is the style, the aesthetic experience. It's why I think Missy Elliott (whose lyrics generally amount to: "I'm having fun! You should too!") is every bit as great an emcee as the much denser, more "contentful" Talib Kweli. The former is a part of the music, sometimes following, sometimes soloing. The latter often seems like he's having a fight with tbe song.

I think that it goes back to the idea that hip-hop is poetry set to music. It isn't. It's music made with words. A rapper doesn't use (much) melody, but that doesn't make him a poet any more than it makes him a novelist or a writer of technical manuals. At the core of hip-hop is the aesthetics of the rapper's voice. Lyrical content counts, too, but not as much as style, tone, timbre, rhythm. The rapper is making music every bit as much as the producer who made the beat is - his instrument is his voice.



From MaxFunster Dan, who understands that the customization craze extends far beyond your Honda CRX.

Bonus: Stop Podcasting Yourself with Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson
Dave Shumka
Graham Clark

A special treat for Jordan, Jesse, Go! subscribers: a show from our newest MaxFun affiliate, Stop Podcasting Yourself. This one features our old pal Scott Simpson from You Look Nice Today. Enjoy the show, and subscribe to SPY in iTunes!

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