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Paul Simon v. Connie "The Hawk" Hawkins


One of the great basketball matchups of all time. From SNL.

Elephant Larry - "Gummi Bears: The Movie"


When will this remake stuff end?

From our top class pals at Elephant Larry.

Jen Kirkman in DC


Are you sick and tired of Mark Russell and The Capitol Steps?

Here's an antidote: our pal Jen Kirkman in Washington DC!

Jen's headlining the Arlington Drafthouse in Arlington, Virginia (where I lived for a few months -- the town, not the Drafthouse). Here're the details:
Friday, Sept 21st @ 10:30pm
Saturday Sept 22nd @ 9:45pm
Arlington Draft House $15
2903 Columbia Pike, Arlington VA - 703 486-2345

The comedy scene in DC can be pretty rough, so get out there and support someone great coming through town!

Choo Choo, Beep Beep, Free Deerhoof Album


Remember when Greg from Deerhoof was on The Sound of Young America? That was awesome, huh? I thought so, too.

Anyway, Deerhoof have been kind enough to post an entire free album on their website. Nice of them, in my opinion.

Thanks to the MaxFun forum's Soapbox, who may or may not have been a record company plant. So: either big thanks, or a solid, "OK, fine."

TSOYA in Esquire!


Thanks to John for pointing out that there's a little piece on The Sound of Young America in this month's Esquire. It's part of their Esquire 100 feature, which chronicles "emerging ideas, trends, discoveries, products, people, and obscene gestures you should know about before everyone else does."

Finally, a public radio show that's specifically designed not for the kind of people who carry around canvas NPR tote bags. The hour you'll spend listening to host Jesse Thorn interview guests (like Terry Gilliam and Elmore Leonard) with youthful humor and enthusiasm won't feel like a civic duty.

Find it on page 44 of the October issue, which features a handsomely beardo-ed Benicio Del Toro squinting into your soul on the front cover.


Kasper Hauser's Rob Baedeker on Cheapskates


Rob Baedeker of Kasper Hauser wrote this wonderful piece in the San Francisco Chronicle about cheapskates -- and about one cheapskate in particular, named Dan. It may be that Rob knows man people named Dan, and I am speaking out of school when I suggest that this Dan might be Kasper Hauser's Dan Klein, but the presence in the piece of two corroborating witnesses named James and John (the names of Kasper Hauser's other two members) seems like a bit of a smoking gun.

Dan is also a cheapskate. He's certainly treated me to meals on occasion, but the payment has always been accompanied by a certain body language -- a flicker of profound, existential pain at the prospect of parting with his cash. It's the look of a Depression-era mother putting her infant on a freight train so that it might chance into a better life elsewhere.

Dan has also given me gifts, but they tend to be bush-league gifts. On his recent trip to Germany he brought me and a couple of other friends some kind of canned meats.

Sure, he didn't have to bring us gifts, but canned meat? The gesture was half joke, half symptom of what I see as a larger tension in the cheapskate's soul.


And by the by (and this is completely unsolicited), Rob is an exceptional writer who recently went freelance, so if you've got a gig, you might think of him. I can put you in touch.

My life is good.


"Ran... I'm tired. How would you like to be the Boss for a while?" - Mr. Bruce Springsteen, to Randy Newman.

Podcast: Ten West: "Jimmy & Jeb"


Ten West are a Los Angeles-based comedy group whose performances combine traditional sketch-comedy with vaudevillian clowning, often with live music accompaniment. They tour regularly, and have appeared in all of the nation's premier sketch comedy and fringe theater festivals. The Los Angeles Weekly highlighted their most recent show, writing that it was "goofy, giddy, funny and executed with infectious charm."

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The Dangers of Supercool


Upright Citizens Brigade: Supercool Brownies

Have you talked to your children about the dangers of Supercool? Just one wand of this nightmarish drug can result in the kind of bizarre, unhinged behavior seen in the above video. It even ruined the career of pop superstars The Titte Brothers.

Upright Citizens Brigade: Cyborg Training

Luckily, there IS help. As you can see in the above video, our government is training cyborg detectives to "sniff out" supercool in our schools and places of business.

Eternal vigilance, however, is required. A good first step? Check out the Upright Citizens Brigade Season 2 on DVD. You'll be glad you did.

Perfect Venues for Maximum Fun, V1


Thank you to MaxFunster Guy for this wonderful photograph. We are all proud to honor Dick Bliss, and Dick Bliss' years of service. Dick Bliss has been very important for every one of us. You could argue that without Dick Bliss, none of us would be here today.

W/r/t t-shirts: some shirts have been delayed in shipping because I ran out of a couple sizes, if you're waiting for one and don't want to wait any longer, just send me an email and I will gladly refund you. Otherwise, give it some time for the printers to re-print and we'll get them to you. Sorry for the delay!

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