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Lyle the Intern

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Jimmi Simpson killed it on Party Down last week. And this is just as fantastic.

Jordan Jesse Game! 2.0


Jordan, Jesse, Game! creator Dan Henrick has redrafted the much-beloved side scroller. The new version features easier and more consistent gameplay, passwords, and more. Try it!

Paul Gilmartin, Maria Bamford and Me on BBC Radio 4


Hold on! We got bumped because Gordon Brown said something weird. This'll run next week.

This evening (UK time) or afternoon (US time) you can catch me on BBC Radio 4's "The Vote Now Show." I talk with Rep. Richard Martin (R-OH), aka Paul Gilmartin, and his lovely wife Jazz, aka Maria Bamford. Paul and Maria are so amazing as these characters, and the piece is really a lot of fun.

The show runs from 3:00-3:30 this afternoon (pacific time) or 11PM-11:30PM GMT. You can catch the stream here on the Radio 4 page or in iTunes.

Jay Smooth & Maura Johnston on Nicki Minaj


A nice Morning Edition piece from our pal Jay Smooth and Maura Johnston on the rapper Nicki Minaj. The frame is exactly what one would expect ("a female rapper in sexist hip-hop?!"), but Jay and Johnston are both too smart to fall into cliche. Just as I was thinking, "I wish they would mention that she can spit," Jay said "she can spit."

The comments may be the best part. Specifically the guy who basically admits he was only familiar with Minaj because of a picture in his computer's "beautiful women folder." And then he says "we all know what that's for (can I say that?)". YES. You can say that, and you are the greatest NPR commenter ever. I mean, I love Bahamadia as much as the next guy, but her two albums came out what? Ten years ago? And I get it: Jean Grae is also a woman and she's not famous and hip-hop vs. rap and SNNNOOOOOOOOOOOZE.

Seriously: some sharp stuff from Jay Smooth and Maura Johnston.

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 131: Dinosaurs with Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Dave Willis and Dana Snyder

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Dave Willis
Dana Snyder

Dave Willis and Dana Snyder of Aqua Teen Hunger Force join Jesse and Jordan for a discussion of Girl Scout cookies, cement dinosaurs and tour buses, among other things. The two are in the midst of a national tour.

TSOYA: The AV Club April Recommendations

Josh Modell
Scott Tobias

Ready for the April AV Club recommendations? Editor-in-Chief Josh Modell talks about new music -- Go, a solo album from Jónsi, the frontman of Sigur Rós, and The National's newest album, High Violet.

Film Editor Scott Tobias gives us the story on Justified, a new contemporary psuedo-Western crime series on FX, and the film Hunger, recently distributed by IFC and the Criterion Collection.

Podthoughts by Colin Marshall: Urban Coffee


Vital stats:
Format: high-tech, segmented TTWGBAC; or "banter-cast"
Duration: 1h-1h30m
Frequency: fortnightly, at least
Archive available on iTunes: all

Moan as I may fact that the medium of podcasting hasn't produced quite as many minty fresh new genres — or as many ungenrefiables, for that matter — as I'd hoped, it's still early days. Early-ish days, anyway. But after hearing Urban Coffee [RSS] [iTunes] after No Agenda, which I Podthought about nearly bang on one year ago, I can confirm the existence of at least one more. I'm just not sure what to call it.

Like No Agenda's Curry and Dvorak, Urban Coffee's Dave Koss and Seth Falkner, the latter of whom is a musician and the former of whom seems to do something with animation, normally operate in different domains but regularly come together for a heavily-segmented show that touches on technology, politics and their own lives' streams of victory and frustration. The main differences are generational — these guys seem substantially younger than the middle-aged No Agenda-ers — and geographical. Whereas I believe Curry and Dvorak host the show from different locations via Skype, it sounds as if Koss and Falkner only resort to that when something goes logistically wrong and they can't be in the same room.

The similarities come as no surprise, since one of this podcast's hosts is such a No Agenda fan that he brings it up in almost every episode. But if Koss and Falkner are relatively young and not nearly as eccentric as their models, isn't their show just another TTWGBAC? In some senses, yes; in others, no. The two programs share a tech-intensive setup (by podcasting's somewhat laggy standards) that allows listeners to tap into audio streams, video streams, a chat room and lord knows what else during recording and a reasonably organized structure of predefined compartments. I guess that's simply a holdover from "regular" radio, but combine it with the freewheelingness of the TTWGBAC and you have something more interesting than either.

So instead of a couple dudes happening to wend their way from song recommendations to complaints to (my personal favorite) the reading out lout of narcissistic tweets, you have the routinely scheduled features "Seth's Music Café", "Bitch of the Week" and "Narcissistic Tweets". In between, Koss and Falkner work in quite a lot about new developments in computer and other electronic gear, the clashes between corporate/governmental entities and what might loosely be termed tech culture, the challenges of new fatherhood and, of course, Pedobear. The more like these guys the are, the more into your their show you'll be — and I suspect there are boatloads of people who share their interests hanging around the net.

One iTunes reviewer calls the show a "banter-cast", and, though it doesn't capture quite as many nuances as I'd like, that's about as serviceable a name as we're going to get today. There's something about podcasts like this one, and this podcast in particular, that eludes precise nameability. The title itself is a case in point: it feels a little misleading, but I'll be damned if I can tell you what the name Urban Coffee would seem to lead to, falsely or otherwise. Could the the vagueness be an advantage? Got me listening.

[Want to hire Podthinker Colin Marshall to Podthink at your box social? colinjmarshall at gmail.]

John Mulaney on Girl Scout Cookies


MaxFunPal, past Sound of Young America guest and Very Nice Guy John Mulaney made his on-camera debut on SNL this week. He killed it. I think I lost track of myself when he described the Girl Scouts as "a weird child army in tablecloth dresses."

I have my own Girl Scout cookie comments to share, but I'm saving them for the next JJGo.

The XX: Interview on The Sound of Young America

The XX

The XX are a three-member band from London, England. Their self-titled debut album was one of the most acclaimed releases of 2009. This year, the band has been chose to play some of the most important music festivals in the world: All Tomorrow's Parties, Bonnaroo, Coachella, Sasquatch and Lollapalooza. The group's two singers, Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim have been friends since nursery school. Jamie Smith, who programs drums and keyboard sounds joined the group in high school. Their music is modest, intimate and modern; often compared to acts as divergent as Aaliyah and the Cure.

Put This On Episode 2: Shoes

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I'm so proud that I get to work with Adam Lisagor on Put This On. If you're not familiar with it, it's a men's style series and blog we've been doing for the past six months or so. This is the second video episode, about shoes. It was paid for by fans of the blog and of our first episode, about denim. With the MaxFun pledge drive coming up, I've been thinking a lot about money. It's nice to know that people will pay for something that they don't have to pay for, to make sure it gets made. That act of altruism is pretty much the basis of my career.

Anyway: shoes. Enjoy.

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