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Stop Podcasting Yourself 422 - Mark Little

Mark Little

Comedian Mark Little returns to talk Power Rangers, Skype interviews, and April Fools. Also, the return of Celebrity Crush Hat.

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MBMBaM 299: The Shorting Hat


This is it: The end of an era. In this episode, we put the opening chapter of the MBMBaM experience behind us. Join us for a deep gaze into the TIME PORTAL, where all possible podcast futures will be revealed.

Suggested talking points: The End of Vol. 1, Sunglasses Discovery, Yahoo's Demise, Hogshorts, Check Revival, Stink Jacket

Christine Nangle / Zach Sims

Baby Geniuses
Christine Nangle
Zach Sims

Hello babies!

We dish out on who shouldn't listen to our show! They probably aren't listening to our show anyways. We're horrified by Microsoft's teenage girl chatbot that learns how to communicate from humans. SPOILER ALERT: It's totally racist! Somebody had a very elegant three piece tweed suit tailored for their horse, and about a million people sent it in. We're joined by writer Christine Nangle who lives really close to us. It’s never too early to get ready for the holidays, so we’ve started feeding our Tió de Nadal early to maximize the number of gifts it will shit out. On Expert Hour, Chuck Daniels teaches us how to speak with authority, especially when you don't know what you're talking about. Confidence is key, babies!

Emily Heller
Lisa Hanawalt
Christine Nangle
Zach Sims

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 424: The Hammer Principle with Ron Funches

Ron Funches

Jordan and Jesse start the show with a discussion of what makes a good elementary school, Jesse's homework related trauma, and a kid named Pirate. Then comedian and actor Ron Funches joins in to talk about Jordan's strategy to approach an attractive Scientologist, the status of WWE these days, and Fred Durst's online dating profile.

Ross and Carrie Audit Scientology (Part 6): The Celebrity Center


We can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning than to enjoy a nice brunch at the Scientology Celebrity Center. We can think of few worse ways than to attend a breaking-into-the-industry seminar that starts 40 minutes late and goes for two hours. Find out how Tom Hanks made it big, and learn how to maximize your confront!

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Sawbones: Earwax


This week on Sawbones, we make earwax way, way worse before we remove all of it. Well, most of it. You gotta leave some you know, it's good for you. Eh, you should probably just listen.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

Hotels and B&Bs


Welcome! Checking in? May I carry your podcast luggage to your room? This episode is all about Hotels and B&Bs! Listen as we unfold the intricacies of tipping! How to behave at Continental Breakfasts! Learn about American versus European style hotels. Speaking of, whats makes a motel a motel? Do you have to get dressed to go to the pool? Can you bring in outside food? When should you complain about noisy neighbors? Well, this is your room. **clears throat, holds out hand** Oh thank you! Enjoy and share with your friends!

One Bad Mother Episode 150: My Life Is An Actual Sh*t-Show

One Bad Mother

Biz and Theresa explore what it's like when we have a lot of hard days in a row. You know, when you think you're almost over the hump of one problem and then three new ones crop up? It's enough to make a sleep-deprived mama cry...and we do! Plus, Biz's six-year-old now knows the word "sexy" but not exactly how to use it, Theresa longs for a commune lifestyle, and no guest this week means Theresa has extra time to unburden herself and get some validation from Biz, and we discover a new OBM mantra!

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Orange Street News, North Carolina Boycott, HuffPo Hustle, Zika Virus


Welcome once more Cool Kids! A quick update on the Primaries and it's on with the episode! Learn about an intrepid reporter who covered a murder and was met with backlash! Mostly because she's 9. Artists and business have been stepping up to boycott North Carolina ever since HB2! Travis found three fun stories on Huffington Post and we're doing all 3! An empowering Muppet, a poor choice of words and Satanic Masturbation, what fun! Brent provides a little perspective on the Zika Virus panic. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week!

TS230:Portland,Gay Partners,La'Porsha Renae,Astronomy Professors

Throwing Shade

We're pretty certain Oliver can sniff out fear and exhaustion because this week Bryan lived his nightmare and ran into Erin while working out. Also American Idol runner up La'Porsha Renae was raised to hate gay "lifestyles" and two astronomy professors need a good butt kicking for sexually harassing female students. WWGD? What would Galileo do?

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