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CIPYD 35: Veronica Belmont and Jesse Thorn

Veronica Belmont
Jesse Thorn

Hello friends! It's Week 2 of MaxFunDrive and oh boy are we happy to see you! We have put together an AMAZING show for you this week! First, hear Renee's harrowing babysitting tale in Dogs We Met (BABYSAT!) This Week! (Warning, it gets a little gross!) Then, learn a lot about Beagles and a little 'bout Snoopy in this week's Mutt Minute! We have an INCREDIBLE interview with internet superstar Veronica Belmont! She tells us all about her amazing dog Bodega and surprises us with her incredible and surprising dog activity! Then, a SECOND INTERVIEW with MaxFun founder and podcast guru Jesse Thorn! Like we said, this week's episode is amazing! And don't forget to support CIPYD in the MaxFunDrive!

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke
Margaret Wappler

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Photo by Jesse Thorn

Dick Van Dyke on His Early Years in Television, Worrying Less, and Owning Up to the Worst English Accent in Film History

For over 70 years, Dick Van Dyke has been an entertainer of stage, film and television. His work has garnered him generations of fans as well as numerous honors including a Grammy, a Tony and several Emmy awards.

Though he initially sought out a career in radio, he was soon performing on the stage and on the new medium of television, which included the classic comedy, The Dick Van Dyke Show created by Carl Reiner. Along with his many other television appearances, Dick Van Dyke has starred in films that are still family favorites decades after they were made, including Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Dick Van Dyke joined Jesse to talk about landing the lead role in Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway despite not being a trained singer or dancer, his memories of working with a very young Mary Tyler Moore, his alcoholism and getting sober, and how he maintains a healthy physical and mental lifestyle in his nineties.

Dick Van Dyke’s new book, Keep Moving: And Other Tips and Truths About Aging is available now.

Canonball with Margaret Wappler on Bjork’s Post

Every so often we like to take a closer look at albums that should be considered classics, to find out what makes them great. It's Canonball.

This week we're joined by the pop culture critic and writer Margaret Wappler. She'll talk about Bjork’s 1995 album, Post. This album served as the follow-up to Bjork’s first album, Debut. The album went beyond being a repetition of what she had created before, and served as "a breakout work of feminine emotional electronica".

Margaret Wappler’s essay on Bjork can be found in the anthology Here She Comes Now. Margaret’s novel, Neon Green will be out in July. She can also be heard as our sister-podcast, Pop Rocket.

The Outshot: Ralph Lauren

Jesse will tell you about how Ralph Lauren captures the shared American-ness of Sonia Sotomayor, Jay-Z and Donald Trump. (You can find his video interview for Put This On here.)

How to Music

Still Buffering

Rileigh and Sydnee swapped playlists and are ready to take you on a tour of teen music, from the arduous years of cassette rewinding to the dangerous game (that we certainly never played) of illegally downloading music. Also, Rileigh had never heard of a VJ.

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Music: "Baby You Change Your Mind" by Nouvellas

Stop Podcasting Yourself 418 - Alicia Tobin

Alicia Tobin

It's week 2 of MaxFunDrive 2016. Donate to the show at This week, Alicia Tobin returns to talk ghosts, other people's child discipline, and small town commerce.

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#56 - Batman vs Superman with Travis McElroy and Ben Blacker

Travis McElroy
Ben Blacker

The Man of Steel vs The Dark Knight. The Guardian of Metropolis vs The Savior of Gotham. When Batman and Superman collide on screens around the world this weekend, it will no doubt be epic, but if you REALLY want to know who wins, look not further than We Got This, as we sit down with Superfan Travis McElroy (MBMBaM, The Adventure Zone, Shmanners, Trends like These) and Bat-Fan Ben Blacker (Writer's Panel, Thrilling Adventure Hour) to determine once and for all which DC Comics icon reigns supreme!

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MBMBaM 295: Goofbusters II


It's the second week of the MaxFunDrive, and our second week of reviving some of your favorite classic bits from MBMBaMs past. One small problem: We kind of ran out of bits. We're getting more conceptual this time around, meaning: It's time for some serious pony chat.

Suggested talking points: MBMBaMily Reunion, Octonutting, Horse Talk!, More Farm Wisdom, Gold Encryption, Baby Mommy, My Very Tall Wife, Bucket List Moonwalk, Barefoot Office, 16' Doll Wife

Aisling Bea / Mary Holland

Baby Geniuses
Aisling Bea
Mary Holland

Hello Babies! It's MaxFunDrive time again! Support the show at! Thank you for joining us chew lovers! First let's talk about Unreal/The Bachelor! Hear the tale of our lost episode! We're joined for Wiki of the Week by the amazing Aisling Bea to discuss the Pam Reynolds Case! She also tells us about tit cream for cows and horse therapy! Aisling is full of fun info about Prohibition and how horse Stud mating works! And we, in turn, are able to shed a little light for her on "monkey nuts". In Expert Hour, expert Nadine Woodman joins us to tell us all about World War II! Enjoy and don't forget to support Baby Geniuses during MaxFunDrive!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 420: You Gotta Nugget That with Josie Long

Josie Long

Josie Long, England's number one celebrity, joins Jordan and Jesse for the second week of MaxFunDrive 2016. Jordan's local Shakey's Pizza Parlor has upped their game, Josie loves eating in America, and Jesse's son Simon has an ambitious new project.

Plus, Jordan has a new incentive to add to the list of MaxFunDrive bonuses for new and upgrading donors! Go to to support the shows you love.

The Flop House: Episode #200 - Nothing but Trouble

The Flop House
John Hodgman

It’s the moment we promised would never happen: we watched Elliott and Dan’s stated least-favorite movie of all time, Nothing but Trouble. (Don’t worry – despite Elliott’s joking claim that if we ever did this film it would be our last, this is NOT our final episode). And to help us out with this special MAX FUN DRIVE episode (donate!), we welcome self-proclaimed minor television celebrity, Mr. John Hodgman. Meanwhile, Elliott breaks out his “Jane Campion accent, Stuart reveals his popcorn secrets, And Hodgman joins in at making fun of Dan’s pronunciation.

Movies recommended in this episode:

The Sting
Broadcast News
The Housemaid

Maximum Fun Drive Progress Report: 3515 New and Upgrading Members


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I hope you're listening to all of the wonderful episodes our shows are putting out this week. And I'm not talking bonus episodes. Their normal episodes this week are so good it's going to feel like they're bonus episodes. That's how hard our hosts are working to bring you the best they've got.

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