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Still Buffering: Best of Buffering 1

Still Buffering

It's been a hectic week for one of our sisters, so it's time for Still Buffering's first ever super special Best Of Buffering episode! We've put together some of our favorite and your favorite bits and goofs from all of our past episodes, from the sacrificial room of requirement at Claire's to Lin-Manuel Miranda teaching us what "Butts Up" really is, we've got them all! We hope you enjoy this special goof-filled episode, and we'll be back to normal next week!

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Music: "Baby You Change Your Mind" by Nouvellas

Lady to Lady EP. 235 "Feel Rich Tip" ft. Erin Lampart

Lady to Lady
Erin Lampart

Erin Lampart (@ThatsSoLampy) joins the ladies to discuss how to "feel" rich, what animals they look like, staying hydrated, legal office drama and more! Produced by David Janove, booker Marie Colette, theme song Zach Ames.

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Ep. 79: Hometowns, Again

Rose Buddies

Join us for a whistle-stop tour of America as we follow Rachel's journey to meet her four suitors' families! They went ... mostly ... okay, with one pretty exploitative exception.

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Inside Pop Ep. 83 - Game of Thrones Returns, Emmy Nominations, A Wrinkle in Time, Best Music of 2017 (So Far)

Inside Pop
James Barker

Join us and raise a glass to toast the return of Game of Thrones - but before you take a swig just make sure you're not on Arya's sh*t list!

On this episode of Inside Pop, we dissect the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones which has us talking about everything from filthy chamber pots to Ed Sheeran cameos to Vermeer paintings to the one thing Daenerys has in common with Prince and the Revolution! (There are Spoilers in this conversation- you've been warned)

Then - we give you many reasons why you should be over the moon (just like us)  for the the new trailer for the Ava DuVernay epic, A Wrinkle in Time.

We're also joined by special guest, DJ and Television Producer James Barker (aka DJ Chaotic) who shares his favorite albums and singles of the first half of 2017. A must listen if you're looking for thoughtful, upbeat, quality tunes to add to your playlists!

Plus, we give you our thoughts on the Emmy nominations.

And it's quid pro quo time in The Big Sell. Amita rates Sean's Big Sell from last week (an episode of the Amazon series, I Love Dick) and in turns sells Sean on an Emmy nominated episode of Atlanta he (shamefully) has not yet seen.

James' Best of 2017 (So Far)


Harry Styles - Harry Styles

Lorde - Melodrama

Qveen Herby - Qveen Herby


Maty Noyes - The Making of 'London'

Geordie Kieffer- Red Line

Carly Rae Jepsen- Cut to the Feeling

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The Greatest Generation Ep 155: Foam Stone Holocaust (S7E4)


When Picard turns up dead, the Entrepreneur’s new captain is a vengeance-motivated Riker with total mission discretion. But it’s not long before Riker himself is captured, leaving the ship in Data’s capable, detachable hands. How much disbelief can this show get us to suspend? What’s the best way to maintain your Rimforest? How deep in the lineup do they go before the Entrepreneur doesn’t have a qualified captain? It’s the episode where we tie a red bandana around our bust of Big Rod.

#125a - Talkin' Garfield with Mark Evanier

Mark Evanier
Paul Dini

An addendum to this week's Best Cartoon Cat episode, Mark Evanier calls in to answer Hal's Garflied question and chat a bit more about everyone's favorite Monday-hater. Mark wrote for Garfield & Friends all throughout its run and is an expert in the area of Garfield. Enjoy!

#125 - Best Cartoon Cat with Paul Dini

Paul Dini

They love lasagna, exiting stage left (even), and chasing mice and birds. They hate having anvils dropped on their heads and getting their whiskers plucked by their cousins. Cartoon cats have a proud, long legacy that started with a trick back way back when. But which fictional feline is the best of the litter? Mark and Hal are joined by Paul Dini, legendary writer who has even worked on a few of these kitties and helps them get to the bottom of this, once and for all.

See We Got This LIVE this Friday, July 21st at Ruba Club with special guest Maureen Johnson! Click here for tickets.

MBMBaM 363: Breathing in Space


We've got that San Diego Comic-Con fever! And ... it's a real, real bad case. We've got the Spider-Man Shakes, and Batman Sweats, and have to cancel the rest of our public appearances, just to try and keep this thing contained.

Suggested talking points: Cosplay Corner, Panini Poppin' Daddies, Adult Happy Meals, A Hilarious Bit About Starbucks Prices, Buzz & Lance, Gym Etiquette, Tim's Bad Donut

CIPYD 102: Brea Grant and the Mudi

Brea Grant

It's episode 102 and we're having a wild time! Renee not only has some fantastic dogs she met this week, she also has a story about dogs she got in trouble with this week, much to Allegra's delight. Allegra has a Mutt Minute on the Mudi, and we have guest Brea Grant, cohost of new Max Fun podcast Reading Glasses! Plus, we have some supremely stupid dog tech. Grab a handful of your favorite dog food and tune in!

The Turnaround: Jerry Springer

The Turnaround
Jerry Springer

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This week's Turnaround guest is the one and only Jerry Springer! You might be surprised to know that Jerry didn't begin his career in broadcasting an intern for a TV station, but instead as a politician and lawyer. He was a city councilman in Cincinnati, OH and even served as mayor of the city for a one-year term in the late 1970s.

Photo: Courtesy of Artist

Later on, Jerry was hired by Cincinnati's NBC affiliate WLWT as a political correspondent and commentator. He won numerous Emmys for his nightly commentaries on WLWT. He eventually began anchoring the news desk, after which he was asked to host his own daytime talk show, Jerry Springer, in 1991.

You may know what Jerry Springer is now, but the daytime talk show used to be a lot more anodyne. In fact, it was originally modeled after Phil Donahue's show. In 1994, Jerry Springer's producers revamped the program to boost its popularity by planning shows around sensationalist topics and conflict-driven interview segments that often resulted in chaos. The show became a ratings smash, and the rest is more or less history. Jerry Springer is now in its 26th season.

What you know about the Jerry Springer show is probably correct, and Jerry would agree with you. But as he explains to Jesse, he sees his show as a way of empowering his guests. Jerry wouldn't trade his job for anything, mainly because he's got some really great stories. He also shares about his fascinating past jobs, including his stint as mayor.

Jerry's daytime talk show, Jerry Springer, is in its 26th year. Jerry also hosts a weekly podcast, simply called The Jerry Springer Podcast.

The Turnaround is a production of Maximum Fun in partnership with the Columbia Journalism Review. Visit their website to learn more about their "mission to encourage excellence in journalism in the service of a free society," and to read edited transcripts of our other Turnaround episodes.

Hosted and created by Jesse Thorn
Produced by Kara Hart and Nick Liao
Senior Producer: Laura Swisher
Managing Director: Bikram Chatterji

Music for The Turnaround provided by Mobius Van ChocStraw.

Special thanks to Kyle Pope and his team at CJR, Darrel Frost, and Emilie Erskine.

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