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Pop Rocket: Episode 29 Clueless at 20 & High School Movies

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Pop Rocket
Guy Branum
Wynter Mitchell
Margaret Wappler
Oliver Wang

It’s 20 years since the release of Clueless so we talk about the best high school movies and argue over whether Boyz n the Hood counts as one. Plus Trainwreck, Bree Newsome, and Bridget Everett’s “Gynecological Wonder”.

With Guy Branum, Wynter Mitchell, Oliver Wang and Margaret Wappler.

That’s My Jam:

Wynter Mitchell - Sharpness by Jamie Woon
Oliver Wang - Stay in My Corner by The Arcs
Margaret Wappler - Light in Places by Peaches
Guy Branum - Ring of Keys from Fun Home

Each week we’ll add everyone’s jams to this handy Spotify playlist.

What video has made you laugh hardest on YouTube? (Thanks to WidePath in the MaxFun reddit for the question)

Margaret Wappler
Oliver Wang
Guy Branum
Wynter Mitchell

You can let us know what you think of Pop Rocket and suggest topics on our Facebook group or via @PopRocket on Twitter.

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One Bad Mother Episode 114: Are We Squashing What Makes Our Kids Special? plus guest Jeanne Faulkner

One Bad Mother
Jeanne Faulkner

Biz and Theresa love how special our children are but sometimes feel like the need for peace, quiet, and order calls for squashing their special little selves. IS THAT BAD?! Plus, our kids ask us the tough questions this week! And, we talk to women's health expert, labor and delivery nurse, mother of four, and columnist Jeanne Faulkner about her new book, Common Sense Pregnancy.

Common Sense Pregnancy: Navigating a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth for Mother and Baby, by Jeanne Faulkner
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Show Music
Opening theme: Summon the Rawk, Kevin MacLeod (
Ones and Zeros, Awesome, Beehive Sessions (, also avail on iTunes)
Mom Song, Adira Amran, Hot Jams For Teens (, available on iTunes)
Bright, Echosmith, Talking Dreams, ( also available on iTunes)
Closing music: Mama Blues, Cornbread Ted and the Butterbeans

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Sawbones: The Unkillable Phineas Gage


This week on Sawbones, Justin and Dr. Sydnee blow metal rod through a guy's brain and live to tell about it. He does too, which is more impressive, in retrospect.

You can subscribe to their show right now on iTunes! Then tweet about or follow the show on Twitter (@Sawbones) so all your friends and family can be as horrified and entertained as you.

Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

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TS195:Sex,Bachelorettes,Troy Newman,Joshua Feuerstein w/ Guest John Milhiser

Throwing Shade

Erin went to a bachelorette party and Bryan maybe had sex, but that's not all! They both went dick deep into the backgrounds of two lady and gay villians, Troy Newman & Joshua Feuerstein. Also, does John Milhiser want kids? Find out in our interview with the SNL alum.  

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EP. 134 "Deli Meat" ft. Louis Peitzman

Lady to Lady
Louis Peitzman

Louis Peitzman (@louispeitzman) joins the ladies to discuss sweating, pants, coconut oil, orthodox jews, tindr, Smash, Patti LuPone, Yeezus and more! Produced by David Janove, Booker Marie Colette, theme song Zach Ames.

Email us your Lady Problem at

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The McElroy Family Fun Hour Brought to You by Totino's


After a long day of toiling for Mr. Bossman, there's one name in the world of entertainment you can count on to chase away the blues: McELROY! The world's favorite chuckle brothers are back with some of their dearest friends with an all new special sure to brighten your day and turn that frown upside down.

This veritable galaxy of stars has been brought to you by the first name in pizza-based snacking: Totino's, so the brothers thought it only fair to spend 45 minutes talking exclusively about their products.

On with the show!

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Dog-pocalypse! w/ Renee Colvert


Hello Buddies! Sit! Stay! Enjoy our episode about the impending dog-pocalypse! Have dogs over run the world? Are you the last human in a world full of dogs? Either way, we'll help you survive! We're joined by comedian and podcaster Renee Colvert! We have advice on dog behavior and training! Should you run from wolves? What's the best way to communicate with your new dog overlords? We've got a lot to cover, so roll over here and let's get started!

To donate to Bunker Buddies, click this link here!

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And don't forget to follow us on Twitter!

Intro and outro music thanks to Brentalfloss

Art thanks to Justin Russo

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 219: Axed and Answered

Monte Belmonte

Jen brings the case against her boyfriend Adrian. Adrian has his heart set on buying and displaying an "artisanal axe" in their home. He says it would be a beautiful and practical item to own. Jen says it breaks her rule against having weapons in the home, and opens them up to other beautiful but dangerous items -- what's next, decorative swords??

Who's right? Who's wrong? Only one man can decide.

Danny Lewin named this week's case via the Judge John Hodgman Facebook page. Thanks, Danny!

If you want to be part of a nicer place on the internet, like Judge John Hodgman on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @Hodgman, Bailiff Jesse @JesseThorn.

You can also follow our fantastic Summer Bailiff Monte Belmonte and listen to him on WRSI 93.9 The River!



Submitted by Adrian

Exhibit A: "This is my dream axe."

Exhibit B: A photo of their living space, including the mantel where the axe would likely be placed.

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Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Shamir & Pete Rock

Pete Rock

New to Bullseye? Subscribe to our podcast in iTunes or with your favorite podcatcher to make sure you automatically get the newest episode every week.

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Shamir: Adding Light to Darkness With His Music

Shamir is a musician who is really hard to pin down…literally. His countertenor voice adds a distinctive flair to his infectious, sometimes poignant dance music but it’s a quality that’s also led to confrontations with classmates who were unaware of his Taekwondo training.

With his debut LP, Ratchet, Shamir draws inspiration from his life in Las Vegas, a Vegas that has nothing to do with The Strip. Instead, it’s a different Vegas that includes tumbleweeds and the distinctive odor of a hog farm. It’s a life that touches on the passion of youth, but also explores the pain of age and loss.

As Shamir describes it, “I kind of decided to make my music more danceable and lighthearted to take away from the heaviness of the lyrics. Because why not, why does your music also have to be heavy if your lyrics are?”

Shamir joins us this week to share: how he has constructed a creative identity in a city known for producing more entertainers than artists; how his love for country music inspired him; and how his mother’s proclivity for earth magic isn't quite his thing.

Shamir's newest album is called Ratchet. He's embarking on a U.S. tour this fall. You can find more on his website.

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Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hip Hop Producer Pete Rock on Finding & Shaping the Perfect Sample

The revolutionary hip hop producer Pete Rock grew up in a house full of records, mentally cataloging the songs that excited him. His parents listened to all kinds of music, from jazz to classical to funk. Years later, he would reach back into his brain and record collection to select and transform the perfect sample.

He started out as half of the hip-hop duo Pete Rock and CL Smooth, later going solo and collaborating with and producing for many of the biggest names in rap, from Nas to Kanye West.

Pete Rock joins us to talk about his earliest music memories, meeting James Brown as an elementary-schooler, and how he took a sample from an album called "The Honeysuckle Breeze" and used it to create a classic hip hop track.

Pete Rock's new album of instrumentals is Petestrumentals 2.

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The Outshot: Summertime Jams

Jesse counts down his top five Summertime jams.

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Rendered #6 Farming Creativity

photo by Niko Kwiatkowski
Narendra Varma, co-founder of Our Table Cooperative
Amanda Oborne, vice president of food & farms at Ecotrust
Jeff Harvey, president & CEO of Burgerville

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Here at Rendered, we're all about creativity, whether that means literally making something or solving a problem creatively. In this episode, we're focused on the latter. Getting back to the kind of robust, regional food system that used to be the norm in America definitely requires some creative thinking. Medium-sized farms are key to this effort, but many of them lack the infrastructure they need to expand and be sustainable. These are the farms that are too big to sell everything they grow directly to consumers through farmers' markets or CSAs, but too small to compete in the commodity markets. Our Table Cooperative in Sherwood, Oregon is one such farm. In this episode, you'll hear from Our Table co-founder Narendra Varma, as well as others who are working to support the kind of food system our grandparents took for granted.

If you want to learn more about the Ecotrust report mentioned on this show, you can find it here.

Check out the photos of Our Table Cooperative taken by Rendered intern Niko Kwiatkowski

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