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Tony for Mayor!


Holy mackerel... get a load of the crazy-ass jewelry Ghostface is rocking in this shot, taken at the Funk Master Flex Custom Bike & Car Show in Atlantic City. I believe that's a gold Ghostface, robe & all, holding up the world Atlas-style. Also: note the all-diamond four-finger GHOST ring. Click the link and see Busta's crazy dookie chain he's been rocking lately. Good lookin' to Nah Right, which is definately the hottest hip-hop blog going.

*Edit* no idea why the photo's not showing up no matter what I do, but click through to Nah Right and check it out there.

Fixed wheel bikes are an a-hole move.


FIRST, LET IT BE SAID: I rode a bike to work for years, and I biked to school most of my senior year of high school -- a 35-minute ride. I am a supporter of urban cycling.

But fixed wheel bikes are for assholes. They have no breaks for no reason other than aesthetics and arrogance, and they represent a bold extension of the urban cyclist's "I am by far the most important person in this shared public place and I shouldn't have to stop at all for anyone no matter what and if I do have to stop, no matter who is right, I will become incensed and spit on a car or kick a pedestrian or whatever is neccesary."

This is something that as a law-abiding cyclist and downtown San Francisco pedestrian have seen far too many times. To the extent that my goodwill towards urban cyclists (further note: I was 21 when I got my driver's license and have only occaisionally owned a car) was worn down to nearly nothing.

I've seen fixed wheel bikes with brakes on the road. These are totally reasonable -- they're a challenge and simple and all the things that fixed wheel cyclists say they're interested in, but without the danger of something that goes 25 miles an hour on city streets without brakes.

Now, back to your

Coyle & Sharpe in the SF Chronicle


Legendary music journalist Ben Fong-Torres writes a monthly column on Bay Area radio for the SF Chronicle called "Radio Waves." In this month's edition, he penned an interesting piece on Coyle & Sharpe, as heard a few weeks ago on TSOYA.

Here's the link.

Who wants to be Michael Showalter's assistant?


Michael Showalter needs an assistant in the warst way:

ARE YOU AN ENTERPRISING YOUNG MAN/WOMAN LIVING IN NYC? For instance a college student or recent college graduate? Are you interested in being my intern/assistant for a little pay several hours a week? If so, please contact me and let me know! I’m looking for just such a person. If you are this person or think you know who this person is you can contact me at


Patton Oswalt & Jeff Garlin shoot the s**t.


This fascinating Hammer Museum podcast features a conversation between our pal Patton Oswalt and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin.

MP3 Link

Sketchfest Seattle Opens Tommorow


The nation's first sketch comedy festival, Sketchfest Seattle, opens tommorow at Seattle's Erickson Theater. Last year Jordan, Jim, Lauren and I were there with Prank the Dean, and had a fantastic time seeing and performing in shows.

Here are a few groups I've seen and can recommend (though it's tough to find a bad apple in this bunch):

The Cody Rivers Show (Bellingham, WA) 9/7 & 9/8
I'd be more comfortable calling these guys "performers" than "comedians," as their work has almost as much in common with Cirque du Soleil as with standard sketch comedy. Only it's not all... you know... Frenchy. High-energy and amazingly fun.

Summer of Tears 9/14 & 9/15
Just saw these guys in LA a couple weeks ago, and was really impressed. One of the top young sketch groups in the country -- they're about my age. Particularly memorable was an extended riff on Matthew McConaughey as Peter Pan.

Oh, You and Your Bone Spurs 9/15 & 9/16
These guys are dark, dry, satirical and raw. Great for you punk rock comedy types.

Elephant Larry 9/9
I was lucky enough to run into these guys last night at the UCBT -- they just won a big contest, but I'm not allowed to share the details. One of my favorite sketch groups in the country... fun... smart... silly... plenty of cavemen and dance numbers.

Here's the details:
What: SketchFest Seattle 2006
Where: Erickson Theatre Off Broadway – a brand spanking new venue!
1524 Harvard Ave. (between Pike and Pine)
Dates: Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays
Two Weekends:
September 7, 8 & 9
September 14, 15 & 16
Times: Shows at 8:00 on Thursdays. Shows at 8:00 and 10:00 on Fridays and
Saturdays. (featuring two groups per show!)
Tickets available here

Have something to say about a recent show?


Post it in the comments! I'd love to see more discussion of the shows in their blog posts...

The Impostors with Mal Sharpe
The Symphony with Masta Ace and Patton Oswalt
Formed a Band with Eddie Argos of Art Brut and Paul Malmont
Wonder with Michael Ivins and Lawrence Weschler

Share your thoughts! Interact! Let's go! Let's do this! Come on! RA RA SHISH KOOM BAH!

Podcast: The College Years: Halloween


We talk about celebrity death leagues with enthusiast Stew Thornley, plus an interview with a deeply embittered Arbor Day. Also: my little brother tells a SPOOKY JOKE.

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Double-Hawk, etc.


From Demetri Martin's Comedy Central special:

Watch out for Demetri popping up all over everywhere -- he's due to be the official spokesman/model of the next version of Windows.

Demetri on TSOYA (MP3)

"John Hodgman is a very funny man."


Dang... how's that for a lead on All Things Considered? Hodgmania continues to sweep the nation. Here's the story.

Previously, on an obscure program listened to by 1/1,000th as many people:
Hodgman on TSOYA (one)
Hodgman on TSOYA (two)

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