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"Yeeeeeeahp. That's what I'm talking about." - Letterman


DJ Shadow with Lateef and Q-Tip on Letterman
thanks to Spine Magazine

And the survey says...


I'm thinking of changing the format of the show slightly in 2007. The content would remain the same, but rather than podcasting the radio show more or less as is, I'd make each guest a seperate podcast.

So, for example, in a week with two guests, instead of getting one, hour-long podcast on Friday, you would get two half-hour shows on say Monday and Thursday or something.

I'm totally undecided on this, so let me know what you think. Please share your thoughts both here in the comments, and by voting in the one-question survey here.


Danny Hoch on Seinfeld


Here's a short segment from Danny Hoch's brilliant film "Jails, Hospitals & Hip-Hop." It details Hoch's experience with racial stereotypes when he was cast on the series "Seinfeld." Like a lot of people who saw the film (or the one-man show the film adapts), this was the first thing I thought of when I heard about the recent Michael Richards controversy. I'd say more, but it's better to let Hoch tell his own story.

Hoch is easily the most powerful solo performer I've ever seen. Spectacularly brilliant.

You can buy the film, which is amazing, from Amazon. You can also buy it directly from Danny on his site.

Here's an interview I did with Hoch a few years ago in RealAudio format.

I'm going home for Thanksgiving...


So expect things to be quiet over the weekend. Working on a big holiday special, and hopefully the tapes from the live shows in NYC will arrive soon, and we'll get those out over the next couple weeks. I just podcast my appearance on Open Source, that'll have to tide you over for this week.

Next week, we'll have a cool new Sound of Young America thing to buy for people for the holidays, but if you get antsy, remember that you can always buy SkyMaul from Amazon for ten bucks, and you'll have the perfect gift. And there's always t-shirts. And, of course, donations.

The Soflightes - Heart Made of Sound


TSOYA pal Nick Adams, who recently began blogging in earnest at, points us to this charming video by The Softlightes, who are apparently a reincarnation of The Incredible Moses Leroy. We used to play this IML song called "Beep Beep Love" on TSOYA whenever we did a show we could connect to robots or the future or anything. Which was pretty often, let's face it.

The Softlightes - Heart Made of Sound

This pretty much makes Nick the twee-est straight black guy who loves rap of all time, right?

Nick on The Sound of Young America talking about his book "Making Friends with Black People"

RIP Robert Altman.


His loss is deeply felt, even if I only really liked M*A*S*H.

Here's a great interview with him on The Treatment from earlier this year.

T-Mas is coming up...


My college friend Brandon is now internet famous for his delightful paintings which recontextualize pop culture icons in interesting ways. He sent me a T-Mas card, which he is selling for a very reasonable price on the internet.

I Love L.A.


I have a ways to go before I can even reach Randy Newman's semi-ironic take on this place.

Have you noticed how many people from LA are so irony-impaired that they take this song literally? Even the part that goes, "look at that mountain... look at those trees... look at that bum over there, he's down on his knees!"

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