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Let's all get rowdy this Christmas


Just as I was putting the finishing touches on The Sound of Young America Holiday Special 2006, Chris from the band Challenge Club told me he'd posted their new holiday single, "Let's All Get Rowdy This Christmas" on their MySpace page.

I really like how they bring some punk rock spirit to the Holidays! Drink all grandma's egg nog indeed!

And speaking of Christmas news... our friends in the super-fun, super-great sketch group Elephant Larry are running a special show for the holidays -- "Caveman Christmas." It's the next three Saturday nights at the PIT in NYC... here's more info.

Is Chris Guest still funny? He used to be funny, right?


As many of you have noticed, I'm hosting the Daily Podcast this week. It's a fun job, and I'm grateful to the regular host, Andy Bowers, for picking me to fill in.

Today's 'cast is a quick interview with Slate's "Middlebrow" columnist, Bryan Curtis. His most recent piece is "Christopher Guest: A Mighty Whimper." He's saying the emperor of mockumentaries has no clothes, in essence. I think he's right, in part at least. The returns have been diminishing for me in the laughs department since Guffman, and by all accounts "For Your Consideration" is the spottiest yet.

Check out the piece, then listen to the podcast.

Let's just say you use Bittorrent (I certainly don't)


And let's just say you love comedy (I do).

And let's say this stuff wasn't available in any form in the US of A, but that was just exactly where you lived.

Then I would reccomend that you take action. Like, now. Because I'm coming to a saturation point with reccomending you people watch BrassEye, and this may be your last chance to get on board.

Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla


Two things that are very New Sincerity:
A) Recording a whole album in a made-up language.
B) This video.

(thanks Nathaniel!)

And the satire of the year award goes to...


Wow. I am totally crushed by George Saunders' stunning Borat piece in this week's New Yorker. Holy mackarel. This is why he won the MacArthur award.

It takes the form of a memo suggesting DVD extras for the film:

SOUTHERN DINING SOCIETY SECTION: Do we have footage of the woman Borat identified as unattractive being consoled in her darkened living room later that night by her husband? Particularly good if, all her life, she’s fought the feeling that she was not attractive, and only recently has come to feel pretty, owing to the steady love of her husband, who does, in fact, find her pretty, in part because of her kindness to him and others in their community—and now all those wounds have been reopened! Also, although she is crying, she tries to cry quietly, so as not to alarm the kids. Super!


Your Worst Holiday Memory


I am working on a super-secret Sound of Young America-related project, and I need your help... what's the WORST Holiday memory you have (that you can laugh about today)?

Did Santa bring you an Atari Lynx?

Were you attacked by a deer?

Did your uncle throw up into your stocking?

CALL THE LISTENER LINE AT 206-984-4FUN, and tell us the story!

Be sure to tell us your name and your phone number just in case (we will not broadcast your phone number, of course).

And let me be clear: from Thanksgiving to Hannukah to Kwanzaa to New Years to Christmas to Festivus, all holidays are included!

Nintendo Power


Uh-oh. Flash-based NES? I'm addicted to Baseball Stars... again!

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