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Parliament = Kings of The New Sincerity


Glen Goins calls home the Mothership in this amazing clip circa 1976.

Podcast: The College Years: Battle of the Boyfriends


This week, Jesse and Jordan battle it out -- who is the best boyfriend? Our guests are their girlfriends. Gene, single, joins in the grilling. Jordan's girlfriend was still in high school at the time. Jesse's girlfriend had flown in from New York. Five years later, this whole show is very embarassing for all involved.

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Kriss Kross' Web Page: Still Up After All These Years


Note to Sony Music: there may come a time when you might want to consider taking Kriss Kross' web page down. I guess maybe they want it up in case they ever get any tour dates.

Dead Presidents, Etc.


Great little interview with Jay-Z about Reasonable Doubt in XXL. Jigga is planning on performing the album in full at Madison Square Garden.

You mentioned “D’Evils” earlier. Did actual events inspire the song?
The funny shit about “D’Evils,” this might sound a little weird, but I remember I dreamt the beginning of the song. I called Biggie right after like, “Yo, I made up these fuckin’ bars in my dream.” It was a really weird experience.

Break this down now, because the verses are set up like a kidnap scene. You’re giving your boy’s girl 50 dollar bills in exchange for info. Yet she’s crying, wishing you and her man were still close…
Right, because of the greed she’s taking the money. “About his whereabouts I wasn’t convinced/So I kept giving her money until her shit started to make cents.” Now that’s a line—if you take money and break it down into a literal sense, when you chew money, your body breaks it down and takes what it needs. So when you take a dollar and eat it, it breaks down to cents, right? So I kept feeding her dollars until her shit started to make sense. See, it’s a double entendre. She feels guilty, so she crying because she knows her man is going down because of her. But with her greed, she can’t help but to take the money. That’s why I love that. I love, love that fuckin’ song.

College years late again...


sorry about that, migraine today.

Does anyone get Fuel TV?


Because Jordan just casually mentioned to me that he's on it. Apparently, he's the red carpet reporter. He goofed around with Jack Black at the Nacho Libre premiere, and told Richard Montoya how much he loves Culture Clash. Apparently it's some kind of skateboarding channel? Watch out for him.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Free on iTunes


If all goes according to plan, we'll have the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia guys on The Sound in the next week or two. In the meantime, if you're among the many who missed this funny series last year on F/X, there are three episodes free in iTunes.

Oh, and one of Jordan Morris, "Boy Detective's" old favorites, Invader Zim, is there as well.

Amy Sedaris on Salon Conversations & Fresh Air


Amy Sedaris is the guest on Salon.Com's Conversations podcast.

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She's also on Fresh Air today. (thanks, Zach!)

"If you decide that you love me anytime today, please call me"


(Above note FOUND by Anna Karamonna, Phoenix AZ)

Our super-pals from Found Magazine are in the Bay Area this week, with their "cavalcade of thrills" tour. At this sweet events, Davy (founder/editor) and friends read from finds, collect and distribute them, and encourage people to have awesome fun. Davy and co-editor Jason Bitner will be on the show soon... I already talked to Jason (AWESOME) and I'm talking to Davy in my living room tommorow (DOUBLE AWESOME). Here's the Yay Area schedule:
June 21, 2006
San Francisco, CA » Edinburgh Castle, 8 pm, 950 Geary, 415-885-4074
June 22, 2006
San Francisco, CA » Intersection for the Arts, 9 pm, 446 Valencia, 415-626-2787
June 23, 2006
Berkeley, CA » Pegasus Books, 8 pm, 2349 Shattuck Ave, 510-649-1320
June 24, 2006
Arcata, CA » Sacred Grounds, 8 pm, 686 F Street, 707-822-0690

Their whole schedule is here.

Support Low-Power FM


John McCain is sponsoring an amendment to a huge telecom bill that would make it easier for community groups to start low-power FM radio stations. Big broadcasters (including, sad to say, NPR) have been fighting this tooth and nail, since so much of their money comes from their ownership (or exclusive license) of space on the dial. They don't want competition, basically.

If it weren't for podcasting, consider whether you'd be able to listen to The Sound of Young America, for example. Then consider all the Americans who don't have access to podcasts, whether it's because they don't have the equipment or don't have the technical skill. Everyone knows how to use a radio, and nearly everyone has one, so it's an amazing tool to reach small communities, especially in urban areas, who are otherwise underserved by the media. That could mean people in Daly City, California who speak Tagalog, or punk rockers in New York.

Prometheus Radio is a leading voice on this issue, and they've put together a great action page. You can find info on how to talk to your representatives about this issue.

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