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TSOYA War Story


Keith sent in this great little story from the front lines of the battle for America's hearts & minds:

Thought I'd say your show is great. I live in Minneapolis, and I thought you should know that during Minnesota Public Radio's pledge week I called them and said I'd give money if they canceled A Prairie Home Companion and put TSOYA on instead. They asked how much I'd like to donate, and I said twenty-five dollars. The poor lady explained to me that she had never heard of your show, but APHC is recorded here, and it wouldn't look good to the affiliates if the home market axed the show. "Well, can you at least make it funny?" I asked. "That's up to Mr. Keillor," she replied. So, we're doomed.

This came in last week, and now, of course, Keith can donate directly to The Sound, but his heart's undoubtedly in the right place. Here's a strategy -- your local public radio stations have contact info on their websites. Write them (or even better, call them and ask for the program director). Tell them about The Sound, how much you like it, and how happy you'd be if your local public radio station carried it. If you're a member of the station, be sure to mention that. If you can't find contact info, email me and ask, I'll find it for you. In the meantime, give your money to TSOYA.

(PS: if you like magic, Keith hosts a magic podcast with the great name "Go, Magic Go!")

West Coast: The Bizarro Baloney Show


Dan Piraro, the creator of the comic strip Bizarro, is headed up and down the left coast with his Bizarro Baloney Show.

I had the chance to see Dan perform a year or so ago at the SF Sketchfest, and it was a great show -- far surpassed my expectations of what a cartoonist could do on stage. He actually blew the two excellent comics who opened for him out of the water.

The show will be at The Marsh in San Francisco tonight and tommorow, then in Mill Valley, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Eugene, Oregon, Portland, and Seattle over the next week or so. Definately worth checking out.

Bizarro Baloney Tour
Dan on MySpace
TSOYA MP3: "Rockets" with Dan Piraro, Josh Kornbluth, and the creators of Rocketboom!

Hammer's Browser Preference


Original Sound of Young America co-host (he lasted one episode before a class conflict ended his moment in the sun) Matt Dobbs calls in this report:

Super Celeb Sighting!

MC Hammer was spotted yesterday, working on his laptop in a Bay Area Starbucks. He was having an animated discussion with a friend -- he strongly prefers Mozilla Firefox for his internet browsing.

Further reading:
MC Hammer Blog

PS: Dancing rappers are New Sincerity.

PROOF: Robots CAN and DO know love.


Drawing by Sylvia Roberti, Chicago artist of the 1960s and 70s. Courtesy of the always-amazing Big Happy Funhouse.

Subscribe to The College Years in iTunes


Just got an approval message from iTunes. The College Years is currently being added to the iTunes directory. If you want to subscribe, just click on the logo above, or on this link. It should open The College Years in iTunes. If it doesn't work, give it a couple hours and try again -- there's some sort of propogation process that means it can take some time for it to be added to everyone's personal iTunes. Or something like that. But it should be everwhere by the end of the day.

The Long-Term Effects of Marijuana


Wondering what the long-term effects of marijuana might be? Here are two great options for satiating your hunger for knowledge:

A) Check out this week's Straight Dope.

B) Go see me and Jordan's sketch group Prank the Dean at the High Times Comedy Festival in San Francisco, featuring Tom Rhodes, Doug Benson, Rick Overton, Rob Cantrell, Greg Proops, and many other long-term victims of the demon weed. Whether you're a comrade-at-bong, or a conscientious abstainer (like me), you will be able to appreciate their jokes.

We're performing at the two Friday night shows -- 8 and 10:30 PM at Cobb's Comedy Club on Columbus Street. Buy tickets for the early show or the late show.

A new name for The Sound of Young America!


I love "The Sound of Young America" as a show name, but it has a few problems. It's kind of long. At first blush, people think it's a kids' show, or maybe a fascistic political show, or maybe a Motown show. It may alienate some older listeners, who I don't think would be alienated by our actual content. It also makes for a crappy URL and a complicated T-shirt.

So what do you think might be a *better* name for The Sound of Young America?

We're looking for something memorable, meaningful, pithy, maybe clever. Double points if the .org for the name is available, triple if the .org and .com are (you can check with That's not a requirement, though. Multiple entries are fine, but try to keep it to a half-dozen or so.

Post your entries below in the comments, or email them directly to me at and I'll post them here myself. I haven't decided how we'll pick the new name, but we will, and the winner will get a big prize that I haven't thought of yet. I think we will end the "contest" at the end of the month.

A few early suggestions (both serious and less so) to get ya thinkin':
Maximum Fun
The Sound
Radio Fun House
The Dream Machine
Liquid Sunshine
Tommorow, Today
Stiftungsfest (google it)
The Extravaganza
The New Chevy Chase Show with Jesse Thorn

Podcast: College Years: Ep. 1 "Politics"

"Big Time" Gene O'Neill's nominee for Secretary of Energy

On this week's College Years podcast:

  • Hear Jesse call the show "Voice of Young America" instead of "Sound of Young America," thus himself making the mistake that will annoy him to no end for years to come.
  • We hear a high school story from Tyler MacNiven about his elaborate (failed) campaign for Stanford student. These days, Tyler is on CBS' "The Amazing Race," and the director of the film Kintaro Walks Japan.
  • The Extreme Weatherman with a now horribly outdated weather report.
  • Jesse and Gene select their All-Time Cabinets.

Download the Show Now (MP3)

Listen Online

If you asked me who my favorite singer was...


...of all time, ever, I would probably say Nina Simone. She's also very, very, very New Sincerity.

The College Years are Here!


The Sound of Young America is proud to announce the launch of our second podcast, "The College Years."

"The College Years" chronicles the ascent of the program, from early-morning college radio show to beloved cultural institution. Join Jesse Thorn, "America's Radio Sweetheart," Jordan Morris, "Boy Detective," and Eugene "Big Time" O'Neill as they consider the world through the lens of youth.

The show will be available in iTunes soon, meanwhile, you can subscribe by selecting "subscribe to podcast" from the "advanced" menu, and pasting in this feed:

Our first episode, from January of 2001, is already up, and I'll be uploading one a week for as long as they last.

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