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Exactly what's wrong with Dane Cook.


Whether you're a fan or a less-than-fan, you'll learn a lot from this exceptionally well considered piece on Dane Cook in Salon. It's worth watching the ad to read.

No new show this week...


I'm syncing up the production schedule of the show with that of KUSP. In the meantime, visit us on iTunes and download a show you've never heard before!

Podcast: The Impostors


This week on The Sound of Young America, a special show dedicated to The Impostors, Coyle & Sharpe.

My guest, Mal Sharpe is one half of Coyle & Sharpe, a legendary pair of street put-on artists. In the early 60s, they roamed the streets of San Francisco with a tape recorder hidden in a briefcase, looking for marks. Their insane questions were met with amazing credulity by ordinary San Franciscans. Sharpe recently released a three-CD, one DVD box set of their work together.

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So what podcasts are you listening to?


Tell me and your fellow TSOYA listener/readers... any hot tips?

The Sound of Young America in the News


Thought I'd offer a little roundup of some of the press the show has gotten over the years... if you'd like to interview me for your media outlet (be it podcast, broadcast, print or online), I'd be happy to help.

Santa Cruz Sentinel Profile (April 2005)
Wallace Baine wrote this piece which I think totally "gets" the show and is really wonderful. A lot of background on the show, with a sort of David & Goliath angle. I understand it made the rounds at NPR.'s Audiofile (11/05)
This is the most laudatory article ever on the show, and it was in Salon! I flipped out when I heard about it.

Time Magazine (6/06)
"Pick of the Podcasts"

Wall Street Journal (7/06)
This piece focuses on our blog, rather than the podcast. A very nice writeup.

Metro Santa Cruz (8/06)
I wrote this one -- it's excerpts from my 12,000 page memoir. Focuses on "The Santa Cruz Years."

Montreal Mirror (6/06)
A nice little look at the show from Montreal's alternative paper.

Stay Free! Magazine (5/06)
Joe Garden of The Onion picks TSOYA as an "essential" podcast.

Interview on Small World Podcast
Lots of background and perspective. Basically me running my mouth.

Podcasting Piece in the Santa Cruz Sentinel
Remember when you couldn't turn around without whacking your nose on an article about podcasting?

Extensive Interview on (6/05)
This is a listener's blog -- a pretty exhaustive review of where the show stood at the time, not to different from where it stands now.

The Philadelphia City Paper (4/06)
A writeup from a Philadelphia comedian and comedy enthusiast.

The Python Clip on DailyLlama (3/06)

Another cool write-up in Salon (3/06)

The New Sincerity hits the Metro Santa Cruz (3/06)

Same sort of deal in the Santa Cruz Good Times

A Mention of the Sound in the Metro Santa Cruz (5/05)

Review of The Sound of Young America in Vox Monitor

We've also appeared in a few places that have no or pay-only archives. The San Jose Mercury News... the Monterey Herald... Podcast411. That's all I can think of, if I'm missing something, I'll add it here.

Burning Man: Laying Down the Gauntlet


Kasper Hauser is laying down the gauntlet on his Burning Man enemy: DJ Marmalade (or DJ Orange Juice, or something like that, he can't remember). Sounds like some crazy shit went down in the contact improv area:

"Right when I was about to go off, this cracked out white hippie with dreads, chapped lips, and bubble goggles just wanders right into the sacred space, whips it out and starts pissing. I was doing this incredible form (Tiger style), the drums were going off, a dude was playing a shakahathsi flute, and my foot wheeled right into the spot where this guy was pissing (for about 5 minutes solid I should add)..."


Andy Kindler "The World Stands Up"


I really have a hard time imagining a more charming live performer than Andy Kindler. I went to see him a few months ago in San Francisco, and my girlfriend and I are still making Andy Kindler faces at each other.

Thanks to Ivan for posting this video of his set on Comedy Central's "The World Stands Up"

Dance Crazes


Chicago: Footworkin'

Harlem, New York: Chicken Noodle Soup

Dance crazes are extremely New Sincerity.

The Roots rip the Late Show to shreds


Say what you will about Black Thought. He's not always the most exciting rapper, he can be a little cold, he's not super-lyrical. But damn can he rip a mic live. Watch as he destroys the David Letterman show, with a drum-tight band behind him. Every single word is clear -- no hypeman finishing his lines or any other BS. Every line ends stronger than it began. Does this dude have gills behind his ears like Kevin Costner in Waterworld? When does he breathe?

I hate this celebrity crap


I hate sincere celeb worship.

I hate ironic "guilty pleasure" celeb worship.

I hate this new snide contemptuous celeb bashing (that's actually worship in disguise).

This right here, though, this is great. Jeremy Piven takes on an entertainment reporter named Billy Bush at the Emmys.

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