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06/09/2016 - 19:00
Los Angeles, CA
Venue Name: 
The Largo

VACATIONLAND is John Hodgman’s newest one man show, presenting stories on such subjects as: the most painful beaches of the USA; how to lie to the men at the garbage dump; which animals to love and keep as pets and which to kill with poison; and the horror of fresh water clams.”

Thursday, June 9, 2016
Doors 7pm
Show 8:30pm

Seat assignments begin at 6:00PM, Doors open for drinks at 7:00PM, Showtime at 8:30PM.
When you arrive at Will Call on the night of the show, seats will be assigned first come first served, from the front of the theatre to the back. If you want to sit closer, be sure to come earlier.

Click here for tickets!

EP. 172 "Coug'n Out" ft. Debra DiGiovanni

Lady to Lady
Debra DiGiovanni

Debra DiGiovanni (@DebraDiGiovanni) joins the ladies to discuss fireworks, takings photos, twins, being alone, Tinder, JGL, Justin Beiber's penis and more! Produced by David Janove, booker Marie Colette, theme song Zach Ames.

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Godzilla! w/ John Ross Bowie

John Ross Bowie

EVERYBODY RUN! A NEW EPISODE IS COMING! MY GOD, IT'S HERE! So... listen to it! This week we're talking Godzilla with actor and comedy person John Ross Bowie. We talk about Godzilla's origins and iconic roar. There have been lots of other kaiju and we talk about a few. Does Godzilla have a place in a post 9/11 world? What is the monster meant to represent? How would you survive a Godzilla attack? Could Godzilla really exist? All that and more! Enjoy and tell a friend! And don't forget to check out John Ross Bowie's new play: A Play About the Ramones

#61 - Best Stooge with Billy West

Billy West

Moe. Larry. Curly. Shemp. Joe. Curly Joe. Emil. Ted.

The Three Stooges are a cornerstone of American comedy, and people feel very strongly about which knucklehead sits at the top of the heap!

Thankfully for Mark and Hal, Billy West can not only impersonate all of the Stooges, but knows almost everything there is to know about them, so join our hosts and Billy as they weave in and out of the rich history of the Stooges to crown the king of the morons!

CIPYD 40: Sanden Totten and Dog Noses

Sanden Totten

Hello Friends! Welcome back to another great episode! We are so happy to see you! Hugs all around! We went on a field trip and visited the Dog Cafe and we'll tell you all about it in Dogs We Met This Week! Also, as a bonus, some really nice humans we met this week! In Mutt Minute, you get to learn all about Buttercup (Border Terriers)! We're joined this week by science reporter and podcaster Sanden Totten (another bonus, you also get to here from his awesome fiancee Kathy!) Sanden not only tells us about his dog Penelope, he also gives us a science lesson on dog noses! Laugh a little and learn a little this week! And don't forget to tell a friend!

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Mike Judge & Sharon Horgan

Mike Judge
Sharon Horgan

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Photo: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Mike Judge on Silicon Valley, Beavis & Butt-Head and Office Space & the Challenges of Being a Showrunner

Mike Judge entered the world of animation with little more than a 16mm Bolex film camera, an audio recorder and a stopwatch. In the early nineties, his animated shorts were extremely popular as part of touring animation shows including Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Animation Festival. These shorts served as the birthplace for some of his most memorable characters, including the iconic Beavis and Butt-Head.

Beavis and Butt-Head were awkward and naive teenage boys, whose vocabulary seemed limited to a series of snickers and grunts. However, the show became a cultural touchstone as well as a lightning rod of criticism for conservative social critics.

The show led to more opportunities for Judge both in film and television. They included the hit animated series, King of the Hill and forays into films with the cult classics Office Space and Idiocracy. His latest show, Silicon Valley is in its third season on HBO.

Mike Judge joined Jesse to talk about the parallels between Hollywood and Silicon Valley, his early years in animation and how the character of Homer Simpson helped him maintain the integrity of his own animated patriarch, Hank Hill.

Silicon Valley airs Sunday nights at 10pm on HBO.

Photo: Jesse Thorn

Catastrophe's Sharon Horgan on Creating Flawed Characters and Writing Your Own Sex Scenes

Sharon Horgan has a knack for the creating shows that reveal her characters as determined, funny, sexy, complex and at times, very flustered. Her comedy is more than a series of jokes (though there are plenty of them), and includes insightful observations into what it means to be a professional woman trying to negotiate her other roles of lover, wife and mother. In other words, a real person. You can see that in full display on her latest show, Catastrophe which streams on Amazon Prime.

Though she may be relatively new to American audiences, she has proven herself a talented actress, writer and producer and enjoyed success with her previous show, Pulling which she co-wrote and starred in. Though it ran only for two seasons on British television, it was nominated for several television and comedy awards and established her as a modern comedic voice.

Sharon Horgan sat down with Jesse to talk about getting past the awkwardness of writing (and then having to film) sex scenes with her co-star, the challenge of showing the evolution of a relationship before and after having kids and why she likes playing a character who can sometimes come off as a jerk.

Catastrophe is in its second season and can be streamed on Amazon Prime.

Photo: Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

The Outshot: Prince

Jesse remembers how the musician Prince inspired people to dare to be themselves.

Stop Podcasting Yourself 423 - Julia Hladkowicz

Julia Hladkowicz

Comedian Julia Hladkowicz joins us to talk corn, going cross-eyed, and first class lounges. Plus, a Girl Scout vs. Girl Guide cookie showdown.

Download episode 423 here. (right-click)

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MBMBaM 300: The Three Hundredth One


Thanks, gang.

Suggested talking points: The Clowns, Frutopia Key Party, The Five Hardest Tricks, Hot Tub Invitations, Pilot Dreams, Nude Art, Raffi Curses

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 425: Gotta Be Goblins with Chelsey Crisp

Chelsey Crisp

Actress and improviser Chelsey Crisp (of Fresh Off the Boat, Bleed and Duchess Riot) joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Chelsey's experience shooting a horror movie in a genuinely scary place, the time Jordan saged his apartment, and Jesse's dilemma of not having received a utility bill in years.

Episode 10 - Gina Craig

Celia Pacquola
Tom Neenan
Nadia Kamil

Celia Pacquola, Tom Neenan and Nadia Kamil join in for this month's episode in which we talk to Dr Sam Archer about how dangerous lamb really is before talking to Gina Craig, a resident of Boogoo Springs, South Australia, about how the world's first cow mayor is doing after 6 months in the job.

By Benjamin Partridge, Tom Neenan, Celia Pacquola with thanks to Nadia Kamil and David Mark.


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