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Ross and Carrie Meet Paul and Oscar


Ross and Carrie sit down with Paul and Oscar, two members of the Aetherius Society, for a long and insightful conversation about George King, rocks of attainment, and this podcast's investigation methods. Find out what happens when four people all want to talk at once!

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CSI: Pharrell | EP#25

The Goosedown
Ural Garrett

Guest writer/photographer Ural Garrett sits in w/ The Goosedown as Kim & Jasper investigate if rather or not Pharrell has stolen grooves and melodies from other artist songs.

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One Bad Mother Episode 68: Getting Poked! Shots, Doctor Visits & Vaccines, with Dr. Sydnee McElroy

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One Bad Mother
Dr. Sydnee McElroy

Biz and Theresa talk about taking our kids to the doctor and giving them shots! Guess who has no emotional issues seeing her kids get shots? Hint: Her name rhymes with Beresa. Plus, Theresa has a problem with sharing and Biz is shocked to discover her son only wants to touch his penis….ever. If that isn’t fun enough, the show wraps up with a call to the wise, funny, and extremely pregnant host of Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee McElroy, for a discussion about vaccines! Best episode ever!

Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine:
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Show Music
Opening theme: Summon the Rawk, Kevin MacLeod (
Ones and Zeros, Awesome, Beehive Sessions (, also avail on iTunes)
Mom Song, Adira Amran, Hot Jams For Teens (, available on iTunes)
Telephone, Awesome, Beehive Sessions (, also avail on iTunes)
Closing music: Mama Blues, Cornbread Ted and the Butterbeans

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 173: Gross Misconduct


Is it ever OK to clip your fingernails in public? Molly brings the case against her mom Susan. Molly says that Susan has a habit of clipping her fingernails at inappropriate times. Susan says she follows proper etiquette and tries to be discreet. Who's right? Who's wrong?

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Joel Mann and community radio station WERU-FM in Blue Hill, Maine for their help this summer. And you can do as the Judge does and Donate to WERU's Summer Fun-a-Thon pledge drive, happening now!

Thanks to Brian Koppe for suggesting this week's title! To suggest a title for a future episode, like Judge John Hodgman on Facebook. We regularly put a call for submissions.


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TS149: Ursa, Breastfeeding, PREP & Daryl Hannah

Throwing Shade

Do you experience feelings of unease when you see a woman breast-feeding in public? Are you a man who has sex with men who wants a back-up plan? Do you often feel like the woman in the awesome pantsuit from Superman II is under appreciated? If so, this episode of Throwing Shade might be right for you.

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International Waters: Episode 32 #Goofburn

Everyone's in LA!
Adrian Poynton
Bridgid Ryan
David Park
Humphrey Ker

Americans Bridgid Ryan and David Park take on Brits Adrian Poynton and Humphrey Ker for pop-culture quizzing and beers with Dave Holmes.

Everyone’s together in the MaxFun LA studio and we bone-on for national anthems, learn about them serving camel milk in Third Wave cafes and get nerdy with guessed etymology and a sci-fi round.

Written by Sarah Morgan and Asterios Kokkinos.

Other useful links this week:

Adrian Poynton is on Twitter and recommends the Probably Science podcast, with Matt Kirshen, and HBO’s The Comeback.

Bridgid Ryan is @BridgidRy on Twitter. She’s appearing in The Manson Family Singers at the UCB on August 30th. Bridgid recommends Rob Michael Hugel’s webseries I Hate Being Single and “any Third Wave coffee shop that sells camel milk.

David Park is on Twitter as @DavidPavid. He co-created the AdultSwim short FIST MAN: STRONGEST OF THE SLAB BODIED SLAB LORDS and exec produced up-coming Axs TV show Mockpocalypse (there’s a preview clip here). Catch David performing sci-fi fantasy sketch comedy with his troupe The Lusty Horde at the iO West and find his long-form team on Twitter @DrGodComedy.

Apart from all his own stuff, David recommends revisiting Twin Peaks and checking out the new albums by Jungle and RAC.

Humphrey Ker writes about Liverpool Football Club on Twitter and recommends you check out the WGN series Manhatten and Netflix Original The Battered Bastards of Baseball.

Finally, International Waters co-writer, Sarah Morgan was just on the latest episode of MaxFun showOne Bad Mother which is funny, informative, sweet and out now!

Let us know what you think or suggest guests on the forum or Facebook page and please follow us on Twitter, ya goof!

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Accompanying Judge John Hodgman Episode 170: Monte Belmonte Python


Listener Pavek U. wrote in after listening to Episode 170, Monte Belmonte Python, in reference to our docket item at 60:11.

"Thank you, and your staff, for the hours of enjoyment your podcast provides. I took the snakes going out to dinner statement you made and fleshed it out during my workday, and came up with a small progression drawing to thank you guys."

Below is Pavek's lovely drawing, inspired by "Aubrey and Ginger Go Out to Dinner". Thanks, Pavek!

(Click to Enlarge)

EP. 86 "Tube Suit" ft. Aisha Tyler

Lady to Lady
Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler (@aishatyler) joins the ladies to discuss assholes, Utah, charity work, snowboarding, breaking bones, Lindsay vs Britney, Tess' titty story, Wilmer Valderrama and more! Produced by David Janove, intern Kailey Godoy, theme song by Zach Ames.

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Throwing Shade #56: Breast-Feeding & Truvada


It’s time for the bi-annual update on Bryan’s electric bill! And it’s also time to hear about breast feeding women who are getting a lot of shade thrown on them. Also, do you remember when medicine started? Bryan and Erin remember. Well we’ve come a long way, baby. There’s now a pill available that can be used to reduce the risk of HIV infection. And no one could have a problem with that, right? Right?

Sawbones: Gout


This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin are changing the course of human history.

With gout.

You can subscribe to their show right now on iTunes! Then tweet about or follow the show on Twitter (@Sawbones) so all your friends and family can be as horrified and entertained as you.

Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

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