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The Greatest Generation Ep 130: Munch Longevity (S6E5)


When Commander Riker can't get enough sleep, his stamina for duty is called into question. But after having his arm swabbed for DNA by a bunch of lobster-handed aliens, the Enterprise crew decides to set up their holodeck for a CSI-style investigation. What is the Nubbin campaign policy? How long will scissors be a thing? Are Picard and Lt. Jae dating? It's the episode recording from a Shimoda-themed keg party!

Sawbones: The 80-Hour Work Week


Just how long has the first-year doctor checking you out been awake? The answer may surprise you. The biggest surprise, however, is why a sleepy doctor may be better than the alternative.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

Beef And Dairy Network Podcast Episode 22 - Michael "Frank" Franklinson

Mike Wilmot
Mike Wozniak

Mike Wilmot and Mike Wozniak join in for this episode which features an interview with Canadian entrepreneur Michael “Frank” Franklinson, who has invented a new way to combine beef and dairy.

By Benjamin Partridge, Mike Wilmot and Mike Wozniak. Thanks to Mark Turetsky.


“Den” “Alphabet Soup” “Relinquish”
Podington Bear

Stock media provided by Setuniman/ and Soundrangers/

Announcing the Maximum Fun Enamel Pin Sale!


It's no secret that the response to Megan Lynn Kott's beautiful enamel pins blew us all away, and the more we looked at those enchanting designs, the more we realized we had to let people get their hands on these.

Now that the "t"s have been crossed and the "i"s have been dotted, we're thrilled to announce the dates of our enamel pin sale! Extra enamel pins will be available for all $10+ MaxFun monthly members in good standing to buy from Wednesday, April 26th through Wednesday, May 3rd! If you're not currently a $10 monthly member in good standing, you'll have until noon PDT on Monday, April 24th to become a monthly member at the $10 level or higher, upgrade your existing monthly membership to $10 or higher, or update your payment information on your lapsed $10+ monthly membership to ensure you get in on the sale.

We'll be sending out an email to all $10+ monthly members in good standing with a link to the sale and a personal code to enter next Wednesday.

Pins will be $9 each, plus shipping. You'll be able to order these pins for this one-week period only. We'll place the order on May 4th, then send it to our fulfillment center who will send it to you. So if you've been on the fence about getting a pin, this will be your only chance!

Sneak peak of the MBMBaM sample pins. ZAG!

Finally, as a reminder, the profits from this sale will be going to charity — we're teaming up with the folks at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to turn the inherent collectability of these pins into food for hungry families in the LA area. We think it's going to be a huge success!

As always, thank you so much for your support and listenership! If you have any questions about the pin sale, email!

By the way, if you joined or upgraded during the drive and are receiving a pin or any other thank you gift, we expect you'll be receiving those in the mail around 10-12 weeks after the end of the drive (so, mid-June). Your gifts will arrive separately from your purchased pins.



Hello Internet! Welcome to another great episode! Be sure to sign in in Hall B and pick up your badge! And be sure to grab a swag bag! This week, we're talking CONS! Primarily conventions, but there is some conference stuff in there as well! Want some tips on networking and business card exchanging? How do you ask someone for a picture? Want some very important tips on being respectful to cosplayers? What's the deal with getting things signed? All this and more! Enjoy and be sure to share!

Minority Korner 76: The Gabbening (Minus Gabrielle Union) ((Chris Brown, Black*ish, Gerrymandering, 2018 Elections, Velvet Ropes, Toys R' US, Celebrity Mascots, Barry Manilow, Copa Cabana)

Minority Korner

The Gabbening is upon us- only sans Gabrielle Union... she's busy... being Mary Jane. The breaks have been cut on this episode and it is full speed ahead in a series of Hot Topic issues. What is Chris Brown doing on our beloved show 'Black*ish', and the portrayal of women on the show gets debated. The 2018 Elections- it's already time to get ready, who are some interesting candidates, and how will gerrymandering effect a congressional shakeup? In tangent city James walks us through his first NYC velvet rope experience (and no we are not talking about the hit late 90's Janet Jackson album). Do you know what James' favorite disco jam is? You'll find out! We also walk through what all the pop star mascots are. You know about the Bee hive for Beyonce- but what are Ciara's fans called? Toys R' US- are kids still playing with toys? Plus Barry Manilow is gay!


Watch Awesome MaxFunCon Talks On YouTube!


MaxFunCon is a gathering of creative people who wish to be more awesome. This year we're holding MaxFunCon in Lake Arrowhead from June 9-11, and MaxFunCon East at Pocono Manor from September 1-3.

If you've always wondered what goes on at MaxFunCon, now's your chance to feel like you're there! Every Wednesday, we post videos of incredible MaxFunCon speakers like Jon Ronson, Susan Orlean, Andrew W.K, Brooke Gladstone, and many more! You can catch up on a bunch right now on our YouTube channel, and while you're there, subscribe to stay up to date as new videos are added!

Tickets for MaxFunCon and MaxFunCon East are still available at, but are close to selling out, so act fast!

One Bad Mother Episode 201: What Makes Me A Monster? plus Single Parent Adoption with Nefertiti Austin

One Bad Mother
Nefertiti Austin

Every family has its own way of doing things and, now that our kids are old enough to compare our homes to their friends', suddenly there's a whole list of ways in which we, our kids' parents, ARE MONSTERS. Plus, Biz paves the way for weekend fun and Theresa visits a real forest. And we talk with writer Nefertiti Austin about her experience adopting children as a single woman of color.

In reference to our conversation with Nefertiti, here are some book recommendations from Gwen Glazer of the New York Public Library. These books are for children ages 10+, featuring protagonists who are people of color. Note these are categorized by gender -- the first listed are books featuring boy/male leads and below that are books featuring girl/female leads. As with any book, parents should read first to make sure it is suitable for your child. Thank you, Gwen!

Featuring boy/male leads:
As Brave as You​​ by Jason Reynolds​ (Nefertiti after the show found this as well through her local librarian)
​​The Crossover and ​​Booked by Kwame Alexander (these might skew older​ -- for a mature 10yo only​)
The ​​Cruisers series by Walter Dean Myers
​​Kinda Like Brothers by Coe Booth
​​Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis​

Featuring girl/female leads:
One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia
Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith
Bayou Magic by Jewell Parker Rhodes
The Jumbies series by Tracy Baptiste
The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis
Zora and Me by Victoria Bond

Nefertiti Austin:

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Tight and Fights Ep. 38: Hindered no more

Mike, Hal, Danielle
Hal Lublin
Danielle Radford
Mike Eagle

The Superstar shake-up has led to some new developments that we all expected and ones that we absolutely couldn’t have seen coming.

Jinder Mahal has officially become the Number 1 contender for the WWE Title! He’s got the Bollywood Boyz as his new heaters and it looks like him and his veins are set for the big time. We’ll tell you how we feel about his major push.

Plus, Alexa Bliss and Charlotte have set their sights on their respective brand's major titles. Is it the right move to get them in the spotlight so soon? Probably! We’ll explain.

Plus, more geeking out about Braun Strowman, a look at the U.S. Title competition and a lot more.

Fashion Corner

As WWE has tried to move away from the standard objectification of its female athletes, the fashion of the women has changed. But that doesn’t mean that the sexiness factor has been completely eliminated. Does WWE need to completely eliminate that if they want things to be on a truly equal level? We’ll take a look.

The Three Count:

Hal put over Edge and Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness.

Danielle put over Referee John Cone and his great bump from the exploding ring.

Mike put over 3-Minute warning in honor of Rosey Ano’ai’s recent passing.

If you wanna talk about more wrestling throughout the week be sure to join us on Facebook or @TightsFights on Twitter.

The Three Count:

Hal put over Edge and Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness

Danielle put over Referee John Cone and his great bump from the exploding ring.

Mike put over 3-Minute warning in honor of Rosey Anoa'i’s recent passing.

Hosted by Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford and Mike Eagle.

Produced by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

Boston Marathon, UK Election, Georgia Election, Alex Jones, Daddyofive, April the Giraffe, Facebook Shooter, United Revisited, Bill O'Reilly Revisited, Fearless Girl Revisited

Rachel Stine

Hello there! Didn't see you come in! Have a seat and pull up some trending news for yourself. Also, want to talk about shorts? No? Ok, back to the news. This week in Beyond the Headlines: the Boston Marathon had some notable finishers, Theresa May called for an election in the UK government, Georgia, USA also held a special election this week, radio personality Alex Jones has made a surprising reveal about himself, Youtube channel Daddyofive is in hot water over alleged abuse shown on their channel, and April the Giraffe has given birth! Also this week, the story of a horrendous act of violence broadcast over Facebook and the conversations about monitoring live content that it has sparked. We also revisit some old stories this week: United (as well as American and Delta) have made some policy changes, Bill O'Reilly is on his way out over at Fox, and correspondent Rachel Stine joins us to discuss new developments regarding the Fearless Girl statue. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and would you kindly share?

Note: We have warnings in the show, but we discuss a story about abuse and a story about gun violence this week. So, if you would like to skip those stories, we have warnings in the ep so you know when to skip forward.

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