The Goosedown Holiday Show

The Goosedown

Kim & Jasper discuss their favorite moments of 2013, Christmas memories, grown men singing about snow, Kwanzaa Karolz & hold the first ever Christmas draft.

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The Goosedown is beast! Sign me up.

Is Ep1 available on the web or RSS (i.e. not iTunes)?

I only see Episode 2 here...

Yep! You can find the RSS

Yep! You can find the RSS feeds for all shows here:

and specifically, The Goosedown here:

Old podcasts gone !!!!

Don't see Goosedown on Max Fun podcast page. And all the early podcasts just disappeared from Soundcloud feed!!!!! Why oh why? I'm I'm Knoxville and just starting to catch up on local man gone big!!!!

I do not see it

I do not see it in iTunes even when I click the iTunes button on this page.

Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks for letting us know! Here's a direct link to the show in iTunes: