MaxFunDrive progress report: 558 new and upgrading members!

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Goal completion: 558/1500 new and upgrading members, 37% there!

Another beautiful day has dawned in Los Angeles, and with it, Day 3 of the 2014 MaxFunDrive. We are thrilled to report 558 people have already signed up as new members or upgraded their ongoing donation. Thank you for your awesome support, everybody!

Sign up or upgrade now, and help us reach our goal of 1,500 new and upgrading donors before March 28!

MaxFunDrive progress report: 335 new and upgrading members!


Goal completion: 335/1500 new and upgrading members, 22% there!

It's the second day of the 2014 MaxFunDrive, and 335 fine folks have already joined as new members or upgraded an existing membership. That is a fantastic start, and we want to extend a huge thank you to all of the early birds who have already stepped up.

Our goal is 1,500 new and upgrading members, and we can get there with your help! Sign up as a member or upgrade your membership now, and spread the word!

#MaxFunDrive Tweets!


Thanks to everyone tweeting about the #MaxFunDrive! If you haven't donated yet, do it now!

The 2014 MaxFunDrive is here!


Our annual MaxFunDrive starts TODAY, and we have some really great things in store. First order of business – have you signed up as a MaxFun member yet? Support your favorite shows, get some cool gifts, and help us reach our goal of 1,500 new and upgrading members in ONE FELL SWOOP by simply visiting And thank you!

What are these cool gifts we speak of? We have some truly outstanding gifts lined up for new and upgrading members this year. Mornings got you down? We teamed up with Tonx and STACK Soap to help you with that. Need to class up your glassware? We’ve got your back there, too. There's even something for cruise enthusiasts! You can see all of our gifts here!

Don’t forget to spread the word! Tell the world you’re a proud MaxFun member by tweeting with the #MaxFunDrive hashtag. Want to give some special love to your favorite MaxFun show? Give it a shout out with the #MyMFJam hashtag. We LOVE hearing from you!

Finally, in the spirit of beginning with the end in mind, we are closing out this year’s pledge drive with a LIVE Jordan, Jesse, Go on Friday, March 28th at 7:00 PM PDT at MaxFunHQ. If you’re a MaxFun donor who will be in the LA area on that day, we’d love for you to join us! Just email with the subject line "RSVP". If you can’t make it in person, fear not – we’ll be streaming the show LIVE from our website. Grab a few friends and get a viewing party going, why don’t you?

So buckle up – these next couple of weeks are going to be a wild ride! We hope you enjoy all of the great things we have in store. Please take a moment to sign up or upgrade now, and show your support for your favorite podcasts. Thank you!

Stop Podcasting Yourself 313 - Brent Butt

Brent Butt

Brent Butt joins us to talk about the worst movies, farmer dating, and pigeons. Make sure to donate at

Download episode 313 here. (right-click)

Email us at "spy [at] maximumfun [dot] org" or phone us at (206) 339-8328.

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The 2014 MaxFunDrive Gifts!


We are delighted to present this year's MaxFunDrive thank you gift line-up! To get these awesome gifts, just become a new donor or increase your donation by March 28!

If you sign on as a MaxFun member at the $200 per month level, your registration for the second ever Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival (aka is on us. Ask anybody who went last year – this was an amazing time, and this year, we’re on a newer boat with bigger staterooms.

Get the complementary Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival Registration

Become a member at $100 per month or more, and we’ll welcome you into The Inner Circle. Every month, we contact the hosts of a MaxFun show, find out what they’re currently digging, and then we send a copy to you. What album is John Hodgman jamming to? What film has been on Nate DiMeo’s mind? The Inner Circle knows.

Join the Inner Circle, and get a culture pick sent to you each month

Last year’s rocks glasses elicited a tremendous response. We heard your enthusiasm, and this year, we want to help our new and upgrading $35+ monthly members fill out their sets with a beautiful pair of highball glasses. Permanently engraved with the MaxFun rocket logo, these glasses exude charm and elegance, whether you’re hosting a get-together with pals or unwinding after a long day.

Get a pair of rocket highball glasses

Join us at the $20 per month level and above, and we'll send you our MaxFun Morning Essentials Kit. We reached out to our friends at Tonx Coffee and STACK Soap, and asked them to help us make your mornings brighter and better. And they delivered.

[1] A half-bag of Tonx Coffee. Sourced from the best coffee producers in the world and lovingly roasted to perfection, this is serious coffee that will put a spring in your step.

[2] A cobalt blue ceramic coffee mug. You’ll need a vessel for that incredible coffee, and this is a great one, carefully selected for its size, width, and weight. And it sports our rocket logo on the side.

[3] A bar of STACK Soap. You can’t tackle your day if you’re not feeling fresh. We’ve teamed up with STACK Soap, the folks who literally reinvented the bar soap, to make sure you’re squeaky clean.

Get the Morning Essentials Kit

Become a monthly member at the $10 level or higher, and you can tame your busy schedule with the first ever MaxFunCal. Featuring gorgeous watercolor paintings of all of your favorite MaxFun hosts as cats by the talented Megan Lynn Kott, this 18-month mini calendar (May 2014-October 2015) is a great way to keep track of your affairs on the go. We guarantee it will put a smile on your face.

Get the Mini MaxFunCal

And last but certainly not least, all of our members who give at least $5 each month have access to our incredible collection of bonus content. We’ve produced hours upon hours of special episodes, just for you. Join now and start listening!

Thinking about donating? Go to to learn more or sign up!

If you have any questions about donations or thank-you gifts, feel free to email me (lindsay at maximumfun dot org).

Thank you to Brian Fernandes of Brianstorm Creative for these beautiful gift mock ups!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 317: Human Onion with Justin McElroy

Justin McElroy

Podcaster Justin McElroy joins Jordan and Jesse in a MaxFun podcast mashup for a discussion of remote recording, Miami sightseeing, and the amazing power of onions. Plus, it's the pledge drive! Go to to get involved!

Action Item:

• What should Jordan do in Miami?

Episode 68: Tom Papa

Tom Papa

Episode 68 of Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident is rocking you like a goddamn hurricane or something as I sit down with comedian, actor, writer, radio host, and much more Tom Papa (The Marriage Ref, Come to Papa on Sirius XM, The Tonight Show, Conan, Letterman, and more). Cancel all other plans as you listen to me and Tom talk about stuff like his new comedy special on Epix TV and Netflix, the importance of dressing well whenever possible, scotch, working with Rob Zombie, how great it is not having a goddamn regular job where you gotta show up somewhere everyday, the new Liberace moving that he is totally in, the professionalism of Michael Douglas, standup comedy, and about 500 other things that most people can't even handle. I also beg/remind you to support this podcast by donating to MaxFunDrive (Go to now!) so I can get new microphones/my tits done, check in with my secretary Shaina Feinberg, answer important listener questions, and hand the baton to Ian Ball so he can once again deliver the Hot Jamz from London. In short, this one pretty much has everything. Thank you for being a part of it. You think I don't notice but I do, I do.

Still street,
Dave Hill

Tweet about MaxFunDrive to Win a Wand Essentials Massager from Extreme Restraints! PLUG IT IN!!


***The above video is NSFW!***

Dear MaxFun members and supporters: maybe you already have a personal massager that you enjoy - but does it have a TURBO drive?

If not, LISTEN UP!!

Our good pals at Extreme Restraints [link is NSFW! ;-)] have made an amazing donation to us in support of the ongoing MaxFunDrive. They have given us 24 brand new 8-speed turbo pearl wand massagers (once again, link NSFW) to give away to our members for FREE!

Here is how we will give away these delightful toys:

Tweet something clever or funny between now and 9pm PDT on April 12th which contains both "#PlugItIn" and a link to our donation page. We will pick our favorites and the winners will be announced during the live, simulcast JJGO! show here at MaxFunHQ on April 12th at 7:30 pm Pacific. Tune in right here on to enjoy the show and see if you are a winner!

We will give out the last ten wands during the show - based on random criteria to be determined by our hosts at that time.

Are you ready? Get Tweeting!

This is your immortal power: PLUG IT IN!!

MaxFunDrive Update - 701!


You, dear donors, have been officially judged as "AWESOME"!

New members: 701/1000 Progress = 70% there!

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